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May 2019

Preservance Tolerance 😪😪

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Since Friday been crazily doing exercise. Hitting the gym for one hour 30 minutes. Burn about 500 calories. Run on track mail for 40 minutes for 5km. Then today My first spinning class!Then follow by nice food. Then again bring Kyler to go swimming. So mummy again swim!Today I literally burning fat!Thinking shd I wake up at 6 am and hit the gym Tmr? 🤔

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This is my MIL do! 🤦‍♀️ How she can do so pretty! Sometime I wonder y I don have a female quantity skill !Hope baby kyler will play with the book when complete it. It is a hard work with MIL and me. Where I keep poking my finger 🤦‍♀️

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My first book !

Recently bought the earring! Isn’t it pretty? Some more wearing it I have no issue. Usually I have problem wearing earring!

“Meeting you was a beautiful mistake”, and “Choosing you is a choice I’ll never regret”.

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The mother cake !!!This is my second year as a mother of baby kyler! Thought is very tiring but I really enjoy when he is growing or smiling at me. Or just running to my side. Although at night he only wants me. But mummy will always be there for you!This cake is so much drama. Hubs reserve the cake and say we need to pick by 11 am. So we came down at 1045 am they say we never reserve cos those must pay. Ended up so sad. Even he offer for another cake at 30%. Because mummy low just want

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