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May 2019

Fake it until you make it.


The only way is up.

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Should have used my own notes to revise at least I'd have known more things. But now it was too late,already 4am& I have econs paper in 8 hours time.What more can I do?! My eyes are so swollen now. I cried so hard. My 6 weeks of preparation gone down the drain. Why the paper cannot be 6 May instead? At least i have thu to sun 4 more days to go through...this is my 2nd time taking....i am so sorry towards my parents.

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Economics is the most taxing thing ever. I studied the micro part but macro haven't even start& I got less than 24 hours until the paper. Why is it on 2nd May,exactly the same timing somemore like last year!Maybe this time, the end result will be different aka I pass. I'm actually so done with Micro part. So now I am finally going to move to Macro. Bottom line is that I suck at time management, I can't plan thing for life. No matter what I do, I'll revise last minute.#sadlifeofmy

April 2019

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I really don't know what I can do. I went through all econ lectures and took notes. But I freaking cannot remember anything at all. There are so many things to learn and I don't know which to focus. Time is running out and here I am struggling. This is the second time taking it. But still it was worse than last time. I'm all over the place. I really just want to pass. A 40 marks will be good enough. Idk how ppl study and know how all the graphs move cuz I really don't.

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