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It has been exactly a year since I started on my TCM #weightlossjourney!

Since I started working in a new department in Apr 2015, my weight started growing exponentially because of the constant snacks and TLC from the colleagues. By Jan 2016, I had gained about 8-10kg and I could totally feel it since I couldn't fit into a lot of clothes anymore 😱😱😱

During end Nov 2015, I had already felt myself getting fatter so I signed up a gym package and decided to start exercising!

From Dec 2015 - Jul 2016, I actively went for gym classes 2-3 times a week but there was no change in my weight and size if i remember correctly.

However, in mid July 2016, I sprained my ankle and couldn't go for classes anymore. All along I had know that there are a few colleagues who had gone for cupping slimming sessions which were effective so I started to ask around and research more online. Personally, I'm a firm believer of TCM so this made me more keen in TCM slimming.

While doing my research, most of the reviews that I could find were on Slim Couture and Absolute Slimming. Slim Couture had more popular influencers (like Yina, Shiberty, Wan Ting) advertising for them whereas Absolute Slimming was relatively lower profile.

Made an enquiry about their prices for both centers and found that the price per session for Absolute Slimming was slightly cheaper than Slim Couture. And that was the deciding factor of why I ended up signing with Absolute Slimming!

On 01 Oct 2016, my first weigh in at Abs Slim was 65.8kg. After 12 sessions (my last session was on 16 Nov 2016 just before I went for my Korea holiday), I weighed 61.6kg.

I lost about 4.2kg by following the diet they provided and the twice weekly cupping and gua sha treatments. As I had prior cupping experience before, I do not feel any pain or discomfort with their cupping. Similarly, my mum had done gua sha for me on and off so their gua sha was actually considered very light for me. 😂

However, when I was doing treatments at Abs Slim, I had heard others commenting that the gua sha/cupping was too painful for them. So I guess it really differs among individuals.

Disclaimer: Of cos I did not follow their diet 100% and had some cheat meals here and there. Not sure how much would this have affected my weight loss.

When I went Korea, my appetite was definitely much smaller than before and I got full easily. Hence, I didn't really eat A LOT during the holiday in Korea.

Over the next two months, my weight continued dropping. I resumed eating normally but still tried to take less carbs.

16 Dec 2016: 60.2kg
21 Jan 2017: 59.4kg

The person at Abs Slim did say that the weight will either increase/decrease by another 1-2kg or remain constant. I was definitely happy that it continued to drop 👍🏼😄

Then in Feb 2017, there was a new TCM slimming shop that opened in my neighborhood and the prices were really much much cheaper than Slim Couture/Abs Slim. This neighborhood TCM slimming shop (SHINE) uses a slightly different method from the other two.

That is, instead of gua sha, they have a machine thingy to replace the process. The machine thingy also helps to 开穴 and unclog the blockages (also termed as 结结) in your 穴道. I'm not very sure what are the exact English terms though 😣

My mum is studying TCM so I picked up these stuff from her as well. Our body is made up of lots and lots of 穴道 that are all linked to one another. Simply put, you can actually feel if you have 结结 by running your knuckles through your body and if you feel that there is a lump/pop-up which is blocking your way, it means that the 穴道 is 阻塞.

I find all these really interesting and amazing!

An example of what happens if you have 结结 and you gua sha or 拍打 them.

This is taken the next day after the above first picture.

Ok.. I had digressed. But because I know how the 穴道 and 结结 affects the body, I decided to sign a package with SHINE since they are so much cheaper (about a quarter of the price I paid at Abs Slim)!

Also, my main problem ever since my puberty years was my heavy bottom. 😭😔 I know my thighs have got ALOT of blockages and I really wanted to get rid of them to have slimmer thighs!!!!

In Feb 2017, I signed up an overall body TCM slimming package with SHINE in hope to lose more weight (or at least to maintain my current weight). Think I took up 2 packages of the overall body TCM slimming which ended in about May 2017? Then, they recommended me to take up the targeted lower body treatment as they knew how much I wanted to have slimmer thighs.

A rough guide of my weight loss since I started with SHINE.

Feb 2017: 59+kg
Mar 2017: 58.6kg
1 Apr 2017: 58kg
6 Apr 2017: 57.8kg
15 Apr 2017: 57.5kg
16 Apr 2017: 57.3kg
09 Jun 2017: 56.9kg
24 Jun 2017: 56.3kg
11 Jul 2017: 55.7kg

To be honest, I didn't follow their diet strictly but still tried to have very low carbs/no carbs for my meals when I was doing the overall body treatments.

However, when I started the thighs treatment in Jun, I did not follow any diet but just stick to low carbs with cheat meals every week. 😂😜

But I was really pleased with the results of the targeted thighs treatment! My last session for the second package of the thighs treatment will end on 14 Oct 2017 and I will write more about the results then!

My mum signed a tummy package and a facial package with them while I was halfway through my thighs treatment as she saw the effects and I was bugging her to lose her belly fats for my wedding in Feb 2018 🤣🤣

My colleague also took up a tummy package with SHINE. She is someone who is skinny everywhere except for her bulging tummy which looks like a ball.

And the root cause of her bulging tummy is because her 子宫很寒, not because of fats or whatsoever.

This is what I like about SHINE. They will try to find out what's the root cause of your problem areas before suggesting which package you should take up! Very often, what we see is not what it really is!

Also, the therapists and owner (although all of them are from China) are really nice and don't hard sell. Sometimes, they will even add in some other small treatments for you if they know you have some problems in other areas.

Eg. I was feeling feverish before my treatment one evening and the owner who was doing for me at that time helped to gua my neck and back area (to dispel the heatiness) before doing my slimming treatment.

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Day 274

Sunday, 1 Oct 2017

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WLJourney (avatar)

WLJourney hello! may I know where is SHINE located? thanks!! (:

1 year ago

minnnhang (avatar)

minnnhang @WLJourney it's at Redhill! I just read your posts and saw that you had signed with AS 😂 Felt really heart pain when I took up their package last year too!

1 year ago

WLJourney (avatar)

WLJourney thank u! u mind to share their postal code? do u need to follow AS kind of diet n go twice a week too? haha yes! I just sign and I'm having heart ache after I sign up! lol.. is shine working for u? I'm thinking to go shine if I need maintenance.. AS and SC are both too crazily price... 😭 but surprisingly helps to reduce some weight..

1 year ago

minnnhang (avatar)

minnnhang @WLJourney I will need to check their address haha cos it's just like a few blocks away from my house so I don't really take note of their address 😂 Yup, at AS my weight dropped but I felt that my bottom was still very big (since all along I had thunder thighs). I signed a targeted treatment package for my thighs with Shine in June and just ended my second targeted treatment package (20 sessions in total). I can now fit into all my size M bottoms which I couldn't wear last time. My colleagues also noticed the weight loss hahaha. My mum and my colleague took up a tummy package with them. 🙂

1 year ago

minnnhang (avatar)

minnnhang @WLJourney but actually my situation is kinda unique cos my legs are really really 寒 ("cold") and 肌肉很硬 so it takes longer for the 经络 to be 疏通。My therapist said that so far my legs are the only ones that she has done before that doesn't really have bruises and it started off with lots of big "blockages".

1 year ago

minnnhang (avatar)

minnnhang @WLJourney Shine works kinda different from AS. They have a diet to follow as well which also consists of eggs and cherry tomatoes and chicken but it actually depends on the root cause of your 肥胖问题. So during the trial they will try to find out what's the main problem area then will advise which package to take up!

1 year ago

WLJourney (avatar)

WLJourney omg! that's so cool! hope they have got for arms/ overall body! some more they are cheaper also right.. omg. would really appreciate if u can provide the address. in case of emergency (nv lose enough weight) I shall go try out shine! your mum and colleague both slim down too? haha. did u do heat treatment with AS? was thinking of doing heat treatment for my arms. but not too sure how much it can tone my arms..

1 year ago

minnnhang (avatar)

minnnhang @WLJourney their overall body package is $680/10 sessions and at that time when I took the lower body package it was $980/10 sessions. However, the lower body package has increased abit to $1280/10 sessions. Still cheaper than AS by a lot I think! Both my mum and colleague said that they feel that their tummy is smaller. Personally I can see that my mum's tummy is smaller but can't really see for my colleague. So far my colleague only went 3 times in the past 1.5 months cos she's staying in SengKang so she comes over only when she's free on Fridays.

1 year ago

minnnhang (avatar)

minnnhang @WLJourney the package I signed with AS had two free heat treatments worth a certain value but I had to top up still because I did it on my tummy, front and back thighs. Think I did it twice but didn't really see much effect and it was expensive too.

1 year ago

WLJourney (avatar)

WLJourney ah... I'm staying around the same area as your colleague.. but am willing to go down every week if it means cheaper and effective! 😂 the package I sign with AS has two heat treatment as well. but actually they sort of incorporate the price inside le? but I did feel my tummy get smaller as I use the heat treatment on my first session. AS increased they price this year too. paid near to 2.9k for 12 sessions + 2 heat.

1 year ago

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