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:) I want to look back and read my stories again.

April 2019

Really need a break on Sunday!

Grit my way through.

March 2019

I don’t know what’s happening to me these days. I’m like out of the sort. My mind kept wandering around these days. Some moment I saw myself thinking about the kindergarten board, then next moment would be like if money is enough to tide us through this period where wedding and housing come together at one time. But I want to believe that I can pull through this with God. Then next moment I would think about lesson plan.

Yay to one more week of spending wisely. Yay to not looking at blog shops and feel the urge to get anything. Still looking for a house that fits almost all our criteria. I feel like is a big step forward to adult hood and somehow or rather, it changes my mindset subconsciously.

Yay. Wedding prep, house prep have curbed my spending on unnecessary things. I’m so happy.

February 2019

Lately, I have started to care too much of what others think of me.

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