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Turning 23...

June 2019

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Today is one of those few rare days that my health was a wreak and I actually felt like fainting. All from lack of sleep and skipping lunch.

May 2019

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I’m feeling so lost at this moment. It’s like I know I have tons to do but it’s so messy that I don’t know what are those things that I need to do. Like, what am I missing out? What else am i suppose to fix?Just... lost... confused and panicking

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I’m so gonna be late just cause I met a bad amateur bus driver... ugh, should have gone with grab car instead. This bus driver can drive to the traffic light slowly, and never crossing the line even tho it’s green light just so she can wait till it’s red light to stop, like whutttt....

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Yup I went and bought it!! Happy!!! 😍😍 it’s so pretty !! But abit of an impulse desire buy

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Behold the month of May, yet another busy month.

April 2019

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Sometimes I don’t know which to prioritise first cause all are important. But there’s just so little time for everything.

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