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Life of SG Dietitian91388

February 2018

Dayre has helped me to get through my university, allowing me to know what other singaporeans or dayreans are up to.It's sad to know this space will cease to exist very soon. But it has been great while it existed. You can still catch me on instagram - @ mikomxy but it is privated due to work reasons (i don't want too many of my colleagues viewing my instagram)

Haven't been on here that much because of work, game and a little reading up xDI have finally started writing feeding regimen for enteral feeding for some pt. it is honestly my weakest link and i am working on it. It takes me a lot of effort to process in my brain which feed to give, justify why that feed and how much to give... and then work the amount of water for flushes... And on friday i am starting my stressful rotation which is Rehab :/ which will push me even more.

January 2018

so after 5days... i can say i like speaking to patients, but wah the documentation... pain in the ass cause no standardised like aussie. Australia's way is VERY standardised. & i gave myself extra homework like to create ready reckoner and reading zzzI have been sleeping at like 11.30-12, not ideal but i think it's like that for the next 1.5 weeks (hopefully), once my RR is done, and my EN notes are done... can no need do so much, but just do extra reading

I dont think i have energy to note how my day-in day-out routines hahahas.But its been a steep learning curve ah. i started seeing patient on day2 and also today but my speed is snail slow. because intranet system is quite confusing, a lot tabs, wtfbbq.

Finally a practising dietitian in Singapore

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