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Waking up in Singapore!

Good Morning, Singapore!!! Ma boy woke us up at 845am!! This fella always sleep till 1030am at home but automatically got up so early this morning. Probably cos his first time in SG, so he doesn't wanna waste time sleeping. 😂 😂 Look at his sleepy eyes? Hehe Our hotel room damn chio lor cos their upgraded our room yesterday. Think they have extra suite by the time we checked in almost midnight yesterday. 😂

Our lovely breakfast! Guess where we had our breakfast? 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Our first family pix taken in our hotel room! I snap from our Nikon DSLR screen. Hehe leaving for more fun in Singapore now!

Woooo! Took photo when was on the way to USS!! Extremely HOT today! Forgot to bring our sunblock from Penang. But thankfully survived the day lar 😂

That was our lunch at Mel's Drive Through. Love the whole concept in USS. All the bad yet so delicious snacks!

Entered USS less than 15minutes, our tripod with camera nicely set up fell!! A very bad fall till our camera detached from the tripod. Damn heartache and worst, one part came off! What about our family pix in USS!!?

Thankfully my handyman managed to fix it back with UHU gum. Walked out from USS and all the way to 7-11 convenient store to buy the UHU gum. I don't really have confidence that he is able to mend it but whola! He did it! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

This photo was taken moments before our tripod fell! Thought it would be the last family pix in Spore but thanks to my brilliant man, our tripod came back to life!

And our adventure continues! Dwayne was so fascinated with the bubbles in the park. Everywhere we went, we saw bubbles! 😍 😍 😍

Went on boat ride. Surveyed and this was the safest for an expectant mother. Lolols But got a good fright during the ride cos quite bumpy at some areas. Anyway, all is good!

Watched Sesame Street LIVE show too! My favourite has been ELMO so it's natural that Dwayne loves Elmo too. Lols Quite entertaining but must go with kids! They released the bubbles from top at the end. Dwayne was so pleased!

Bought churros and noodle sausage from this kiosk. Tasted so so only but it was fun! Again after conversion, almost RM30 just for these. 😲 😲

Went into another cafe to try the fried chicken set. Again RM30 after conversion. Nothing too fancy. Still prefer Mel's Drive Through! Luckily we only ordered one set.

Revenge of the mummy! We took a few more photos using dlsr. Just a few shots using my phone so that I can brag in dayre and also send photos to my mum who has been following on our activities very closely via watsapp. 😂 am using data roaming with daily charges of RM38. Yes...RM38, not SGD. Phew! 😂 😂

My boss enjoying himself there. To be honest, his parents enjoyed too! It's like a fantasy land whereby we can dream all day long there. 😍 😍 😍

Outta USS feeling extremely thirsty and legs aching like mad! Sugarless iced tea from Gong Cha saved us! Had stomach cramps also, kinda worried for my lil' one inside. Must be very hectic for lil' one as well. But it's worth it! 😍

Doesn't look appetizing huh?

But it's KFC leh! 😂 😂 So sua ku and happy cos gotta try KFC in Spore. The curry rice was good! But frozen yogurt was too sweet to my liking. I miss MILK Cow! !!! Any Milk Cow in vivo city!!!????

Returned to our hotel to redeem our FOC 3 scoops of ice creams. I chatted with the receptionist yesterday and she gave me this voucher. So nice of her! 😍 😍 😍

Best of all, Movenpick brand leh! 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 moral value : must learn to be friendly to others! We never know! 😂

Spent almost RM700 just for t shirts from USS! These two are for my besties' son and daughter. 😍 😍

Hubby bought this for his staff's 7 year old son. This staff very the VIP cos he took over hubby's job while we are here. Without him, no babymoon for me. Lolols

Mother and son matching colour! 😍 😍 sorry ah, all my t shirt looked big cos hafta buy M size instead if S. Scared can't wear. Hopefully can still fit into M and can also wear during confinement. Lols

Another white colour t for myself. Again pray hard I could still wear. Else gotta wait till I slim down after giving birth. 😂

Sleeveless grey for myself and the pink one for my another BFF! This time S size for the grey sleeveless and praying hard that my baby bump could still fit in!

Got this L size t shirt for only SGD9 cos buy two get one for SGD9. Only one size which is large and only one design. Well, I don't mind. This one confirm can wear till the day I give birth. 😂 😂

Another one for Dwayne! My favourite among all!

The back view! Nice!!?

Last but not least, this is for the lil' sibling! Quite big for him but that's the smallest I can find. Hehe

I prefer the back view! Cute eh? Hehe well, that's all I did today. Boring eh? I only know how to eat and eat and take photos only. Not too adventurous wan. 😂 Can't wait for tomorrow to see more of SG!!!! 😍 😍

Day 190

Thursday, 9 Jul 2015

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lowmama (avatar)

lowmama Enjoy your holiday @mikeannz

2 years ago

diamondaries (avatar)

diamondaries hey babe! you are in sg! aiya. thought wld be great if we cld do a meetup. but I tink it's gonna be pretty tight though. enjoy your holiday in sg ya! 😘

2 years ago

joyzeries (avatar)

joyzeries wowee! in sg! 😂😂😂 have lots of fun ok?! where will u be heading to?

2 years ago

notaitailife (avatar)

notaitailife so niceeeeee! This Dwayne really get to enjoy travelling so much with you all! :)

2 years ago

dailyrumblings (avatar)

dailyrumblings wah.. u r in Singapore already?? that's really fast!!

2 years ago

tings (avatar)

tings Have fun in Singapore!!

2 years ago

cuisineparadise (avatar)

cuisineparadise Have fun and feast more 😁😁😁

2 years ago

shaooomin (avatar)

shaooomin Awwww stripes themed for all today! 😍😍 sooo cute leh!

2 years ago

vvpetite (avatar)

vvpetite Wow!Have fun!!😆😆 Oppsss...I forger to tag u in my Cameron post.🙊 i didnt manage to go to Lavendar garden.😕

2 years ago

mikeannz (avatar)

mikeannz @lowmama @tings 😍 😍 thank you! really enjoying every second here! hehe

2 years ago

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