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Coz it's 11.12.13 :D

August 2019

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There's so many things I wanna say, wanna talk about and wanna tell you.. but over the phone feels... so distant.... so different... :/ But what I've learnt this week (a huge reality check) is that always appreciate people in your life. Simple yet so difficult at the same time. Some things I usually wouldn't say but coming back from airport yesterday, I apologize to boss c.. for being so curt and straightforward with my advice and answers to his questions. It wasn't really necessary..

God loves him more

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1.58am last day ... 1 more song to finish the sde and get a good rest . Mom helped arrange uncle to fetch bro so dad can fetch me straight from airport with Ernie along 😍😍😍🎛🔔🎻🥁 so happy hehehe can't wait to see them bois

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My eyes so sore.. shoulders so tense and back so pain.. man.. so tired from this back to back wedding.. super malas wanna shoot the wedding later.. But at least the sde is coming along well and I kinda won't need to rush so much since dinner is tmr 🤗🤗😄😄

I just miss my bois so much la.... dad sent some pics and curlys balls looked black.. like I've never seen it this color before... so worried.. sigh.. always worrying about them when I'm not around.. and there's nothing I can do somemore until I go home :/ 4 more days plus an sde.. breath in breath out >< oh gosh...

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This is anoop potong steam... Hahaha so tired..

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