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March 2019

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The morning started with me being irritated with the hubs cause when I asked him something he just kept repeating after me. Then when I said we need to get out of the house soon so that we can catch lunch before the lucky draw (I will talk about it later) starts. He repeated after me too. So I sternly told him off. Then he got angry at me for being unable to take jokes! Grrrr this boy!

February 2019

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Our household of 2 (me + hubs) is down.🧒 Cough + Flu + Headache👩 Sore throat + Mild fever + Headache80% of our weekend was spent sleeping.I had promised my mil to helped her with her annual ngor hiang making so I went over at 9am yesterday. By the time we were done was almost 12pm. Came back to have lunch with the hubs (who just woke up) and went back to bed again. Woke up for my birthday dinner with my in laws and went to see the doc ( the hubs got his meds on Friday).

January 2019

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Suspected I'm having UTI again so I took the day off from work. Peed so much at home over the last few hours so now im sitting on a bench outside the toilet to wait for my pee to come. #tmi what a way to spend my Tuesday morning. I even texted my boss yesterday to ask if she's coming in today to sign-off some documents for me 🤦

Walked past the zodiac predictions charts outside of a shopping mall and heard a boy who looks about 7ish shouting to his mum "Mummy this year my romance very good!" 😂😂 His mum didn't reply him. Probably as stunned as us hahahaha

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