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Bought tons of coloring book for Mason and be literally show 0 interest in art 🤔 oh well... He's not into art then I'm not gonna force him. He's more of a 'engineering' person. He loves to make things spin, dismantle stuff and assemble it again and again and again.

Mommy over here trying to control her OCD 😂 I took up designing back in college, so I cannot tahan when Mason simply scribble on his coloring book but my inner-me is strong enough to control myself and ignore everything.

To all the #dayremommies out there

Dont need to be worry or stress out if you think your child is kinda 'slow' and people around you (especially your close ones) starts telling you stuff like...

'You dont know how to teach kids'

'You not like -insert name here-, she/he very clever in educating her son/daughter'

I have to go through this stuff every single week. Well... You know, if you have follow me back then, Mason has a cousin who is a few months elder than him and he can communicate very well. Mason on the other hand is still progressing slowly, but he's still using baby language most of the time.

I sort of got immune to all this crap unless my hormone decided to go haywire... I'll shoot back la 😂😂😂 and when I shoot, my thoughts never go through my 'big brain' because people like this hor...

They dont deserve to get a soft-spoken advise.

He can eat by himself but there are times where I will spoon feed him when we're out because I'm just too lazy to clean up the mess 😪 And I wanna enjoy my food with minimal disturbance. At times I also will anynow kena one la...

'so big boy still want mommy to feed. You never teach one ah?'

😒 Mothers need to have their own life one la hello... You think we got no life one ah?

Tbh, my grandma feed me until I was 8? I'm a spoilt brat la 😂 But fyi... I dont get all the things that I want ok. I'm spoilt in a sense where my grandma shower and feed me only la.

Hey... I turn out to be completely fine what 😒 I scrub my shower area every alternate days leh.

Day 63

Monday, 4 Mar 2019

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