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January 2019

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Went to the hospital today for my 3 months post-op check up after my ankle fracture. My doctor was like,” wah! You’re Ankle’s like magic. No more cracks”. Then he went on to take pictures of the x-Ray film 😂😂😂. Btw, I have screws and a metal plate on my left leg/ankle cause I fractured it from cheer 😪 - it’s a very sad thing!!!

Hellooo worlddddd! I don’t know why but I do find a need to start with a hello despite knowing that it doesn’t really reach out to anyone. And since, one of my 2019 resolution is to start writing more, I’m trying to start early :’). I’ve been a silent reader on dayre for soooo long and actually I’ve posted once I think (lol). But I just deleted it because I wasn’t really very confident about the content I was putting out & my writing skills. But ok, since this is a almost no-read zone...

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