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May 2019

Can’t sleep.. up at this hour probably due to the coffee I had after 2pm..我老了。Having a very ticklish throat. Was looking high and low for the packet of 八宝茶 my mom gave me, but couldn’t locate it..Wanted to make a warm cup for my throat.Sigh in the end made vitamin C.Ok shall try to go to bed now.Have to be up early tomorrow for my son’s class.

April 2019

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The weather is sooo good this morning.. I just feel like sleeping in..

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Received my new in from 19S yesterday! 😍

March 2019

I am hoping I can spend less time on my phone now that I’ve secured THE item! Hahaha. And concentrate on my work.Anyway, I think it’s time I stopped buying Chanel. I need to stop and let my wallet recover first.Plus I need to give my bags some air time.Maybe I should target the use of one bag once a week.I’ve been carrying my haversack to work and I’ve been too lazy to take the bags out of the box and pack them back after use.

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