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Taobao haul

Lunch was at Roast Meats behind Bugis Cube today. The picture looks horribly red due to the shelter on top.

I also have an embarrassing secret: I never had roast meat before until last year. 😿

That sounds totally loser-ish right? In my defense, my family has always been eating healthily so some of the foods that my mum does not stock includes:

✖️ soda / juices
✖️ chips and biscuits
✖️ jams
✖️ cup noodles
✖️ chocolate / candies

Out of the house, we don't eat:
✖️ skin on any meats
✖️ laksa / nasi lemak
✖️ bak Chor mee / char kway teow
✖️ desserts
✖️ pork belly

That sounds really sad right?

I think this is why I went off the rails when I started staying on campus because I had free rein on my diet.

After binging for a couple of years, I am now back on the routine my parents brought me up on.

I only eat three solid meals and have a snack at 3-4pm. Sometimes though, I have a late night snack if I have dinner too early or late. I usually don't veer from this routine and snack.

And yes, I have not eaten bak Chor mee before even until now.

#taobao haul is here!

Dinner with the sec school gang after... Ages. We never had a proper dinner together since maybe 6/7 years ago?

Stolen from Mich's Snapchat.

#taobao haul is here! I have the links and prices below this post.

Buy #1: Travel clothes line for hanging laundry.

I usually stay in hostels and not many has an indoor clothes line so this is really useful!

Travel hangers - these can be folded for easy traveling and even have little nooks on top. Perfect for drying undies.

Travel pouch - I have one for toiletries but my make up and skin care routine has expanded so I travel somewhat heavier now.

A short necklace for a round collar dress that I have

Best packaging award goes to this. The first layer is a bubble wrap, followed by cling wrap and another layer of bubble wrap. Too effort.

Hair ties and bracelets. The first two are hair bands with embellishments that are perfect for French braids and buns.

I call this the pretentious Instagram top. When I wear this, I am going to take a pretentious #OOTD complete with my Stan Smiths from ASOS that is on the way.

Stripy top that looked good on screen but meh in real life. Passed this onto my Weird Sister who is about the same size as me.

Except skinnier and longer legs. And she doesn't have to exercise or work out. Ever.

Life is unfair.

One of my fave buys from this haul. This is a very light chiffon top that is a bit see through but it doesn't ruffle my fur.

I think I can wear for CNY next year Liao.

I didn't expect this to be so bright but I'd wear this a couple of times.

Ballerina print which was grossly misrepresented on #taobao but what to do...

It is on my Carousell as we speak. Just found out that Carousell can be listed from web which makes listings so much easier because I can just copy/paste/save as from desktop.

I like this tee too!

Clothes and accessories

Panelled floral chiffon top ($10.42):

Instagram "Be In The Now Top" ($9.85):

Pin striped top ($12.84):

Ballerina print top ($9.89):

Colourful abstract top ($8.35):

Black tee ($9.89):

Leafy gold hair band ($3.28):

Rose hair band ($1.80):

Blue bracelet ($1.21):

Chunky black bracelets ($1.30):

White/gold bracelet ($4.13):

Chunky black short necklace ($3.69):


Travel clothesline

Portable hanger ($0.80):

Travel pouch ($1.43):

Day 152

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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