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Fitness Pass // KFit // Space & Light Yoga Studio

Fitness Pass

So if you're not already in the know about fitness passes... Where have you been?

Basically a Fitness Pass allows you to access classes at studios that the Fitness Pass is a partner of. There are three major Fitness Passes at the moment;

➡️ Passport Asia ✈️
➡️ Guava Pass 🍑
➡️ KFit

I think Fitness Passes are great if you'll like to have a range of activities to try out and you like to do different things. I've been looking for complementary workouts to dance!

Comparison between Fitness Passes

Personally, I am using KFit at the moment and have used Passport Asia previously when there was a first month free. I have not used GuavaPass before. I downloaded all three apps to have a look see and feel of the user interface and how friendly the apps were.

1️⃣ Price
KFit and Passport Asia are both $99/month and GuavaPass is $139/month.

2️⃣ Cancellation
KFit - contact them 7 working days before next renewal
Passport Asia - cancel within the app 1 working day before next renewal
GuavaPass: cancel within the app anytime before next renewal

Okay I have decided I will write a proper blog entry on the comparison tonight.

In any case, here's a 50% coupon code if you're keen.

Today I'm at Space & Light yoga studio at R-evolution in Vivocity.

The registration process was pretty painless. It went:

😺: Hi, it's my first time here. I'm here for Hot Flow and I'm on KFit.

💁🏼: okay, what's your name and contact no? Do you need a bath towel?

😺: yes please!

💁🏼: the class is at studio 4, so tap this card to enter the studio and pass it to the instructor after class. The female change rooms are at the back, all the way to the left.

😺: thank you!


The first studio is the yoga studio which overlooks the harbour.

Read up a little online and heard about their founders being super strict on alignment and striking the correct poses.

In any case, I'm taking Hot Flow today which is not by any of the founders.

There entire space is called Revolution which consists of the yoga studio, Space & Light, and other workout classes. The facilities are complete:
✔️ showers
✔️ bath and face towels
✔️ water dispensers

The second is the work out studio where R.I.O.T. (Redefined Intense Organised Training) are held.

Looks intense right.

Studio 3 is the Pilates reformer studio.

I had class in Studio 4 which is the heated studio.

Today's Hot Flow was taught by Princess Lai. The takeaway for this class was the concept of being present. I think it's about being consciously aware that you're in class.

Good class! She offered different levels for the more seasoned yogis and corrected my postures and alignment a couple of times. I have a tendency to let my hips go out of "square".

If there is one reason I'm hesitant about going to different places, it'd be because I am unsure of the change rooms and toilets. I am pleasantly surprised at the good facilities of Revolution.

That said, I'm not a difficult person to please.

The lockers here have locks so you don't have to bring a padlock. How convenient. It's quite simple and easy to use too.

The rain showers are a nice touch and there is a shorter back shower if you're not washing your hair.

Clean showers with shampoo and body wash.

Vanity counters with hair dryers. To use the hair dryers, you hold on to a button.

Verdict: I'd definitely be back!


Unexpected find in food republic: salted egg yolk chicken

My watch cat.

Her scratching post is starting to wear out a little already.

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