Shona (avatar)
updated 2 months ago

Heading for my first pilates class!! Haha let's hope it's not too difficult for inflexible me haha

No Zumba at AMK today so I'm gonna try something new. Actually I wanted to try bodystep but I think I'll be confused HAHAHA. I watched a YouTube video on it and it was damn chim

Let's go! Good thing about going for yoga type of classes is that I can wear slippers out LOL

Yay we are out to gaigai

Brought bf to earlybird!

I just realised something... How come my Huji app shows '98??? Lol

Food is here!! It's been ages since we came to a cafe together! I ordered chilli scrambled eggs on sourdough while bf ordered truffle pasta!

Soooo good! First meal of the day at 3pm LOL

And now I know why my Huji shows '98... Need to set one HAHAHA I didn't even know

Hehe impromptu date at cat cafe! Since bf never experienced it before so we went! Hahaha

He looks very grumpy but his temperamental is so nice

Such a gorgeous ragdoll ❣️❣️


Lol this munchkin Persian mixed is so cute! The legs damn short hahaha

Sat and chilled for an hour! Haha the staff even entertained us there too by telling jokes and stories

Bought these Singaporean Mickey tees!! So fun with the slogans - I've always wanted these cool ones! Can wear for CNY!! HAHA! One piece is $29, 3 piece is $25 and 6 piece is $20. I went to ask a couple and they just nice buying 4!! Win win situation yeah!!

I could fit into S but I really dislike fitting t-shirts. So I bought M! Soooo comfy

I also bought a pair of new balance... Hahaha it was only $45! Such good deal. Although the maroon is really gorgeous, I brought home the grey one in the end cuz it's much easier to match with clothes tbh. Shall post it tomorrow cuz I didn't take any pics haha

Just nice can replace my cui nmd liao

Wearing this gorgeous dress from #theclosetlover

Hehe I've not posted any reviews of my new loots yet - probably tomorrow!!

Ate my favourite kuaychap with bf family! SHIOK AH! I LOVE BIG INTESTINES AND DA CHANG TOU wooohoooooo

Day 20

Sunday, 20 Jan 2019

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chaiteng517 (avatar)

chaiteng517 Super complicated! I almost fell down 3 times during the class🤦🏻‍♀️

2 months ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @chaiteng517 oh no!! ya I also think I'll fall down LOL

2 months ago

beckyn0oni0ns (avatar)

beckyn0oni0ns My huji also shows ‘98!!! Hahahah idk how to fix it and don’t rlly care tho lol

2 months ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @beckyn0oni0ns haha go to Huji app settings can change to current date! lol

2 months ago

lovepeacefaith (avatar)

lovepeacefaith @mentalforpolish hi babe, can I know which cat cafe you went? Thanks!

2 months ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @lovepeacefaith it's Meowmi cafe at Haji Lane!

2 months ago

tangyuanfishball (avatar)

tangyuanfishball Good evening ☺️ may I know which outlet did you buy your NB from! Thank you! @mentalforpolish

2 months ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @Tintedtulips don't remember the shop name but it's the one beside Uniqlo at bugis+! limited sizes left!

2 months ago

lovepeacefaith (avatar)

lovepeacefaith @mentalforpolish thank you!!

2 months ago

avoidrainyu (avatar)

avoidrainyu Hi what is your ysl bag color? Is it navy? Cant seem to find this color on ysl website. I love it its so pretty.

2 months ago

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