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TCL Anneth Printed Dress, size L

Beautiful prints but I find the cutting doesn't really suit me? Like the bust area is kinda snug sigh... I'm letting this go at $45.90 mailed, it's sold out on site already!

TCL Calin Floral Printed Dress, size XL

Took a size up since there was no L left! Pretty loose at ptp and waist but this means more space to eat hahaha! The material for this is different from the top version! I find the top version material more prone to furrings! Yay happy with this buy!

TCL Halina Dress, size XL

Lol in a haste I carted XL and quite loose at ptp and waist! Very appropriate for CNY but I couldn't wait to wear it and wore it last weekend hahaha!

These are from #thestagewalk end of year sales! It was 50% off sale price so it's soooo worth it! Hahaha took me so long to upload them cuz everyday so tired at work zzz!!

TSW Crynn Trapeze Dress, size XL

Took XL as there was no L left, very loose shift dress cut but I think I'll layer it with a tshirt! Prints placement looks pretty good too yay!

TSW Tracy Culottes Jumpsuit, size XL

Took XL cuz I'm not gonna risk the crotch/rise issues with L. Lol rather loose than tight hahaha! Fits well I think I can wear for CNY period hohoho!!

TSW Sorrell Polka Dot Dress, size L

Lol I rarely buy white clothings but since it's on sale... Hahaha!! Anyway I'm not gonna wear this out anytime soon cuz my hair is still red so it's gonna stain the dress! 😂 Unless I never wash hair before wearing la lol

TSW Holly Dropwaist Dress, size L

Yay I love this!!! So plain but the cutting and material is fab! I regret not getting the cobalt blue one hahaha

TSW Etoile Polka Dot Dress, size XL

Lol I'm generally not an off shoulder person but this is quite nice leh! Forest colour!! I took XL cuz the waist for L I think it was 14.5 or something - their cutting getting smaller zzz!

TSW Kyeleigh Jumpsuit, size XL

Took XL again cuz of rise and crotch issues and it fits well!! Yay!! Hahah

TSW Evon Button Down Dress, size XL

Yay I caught the last piece in XL!!! LOL I have this dress in mustard yellow in L and I love it!! Obviously have to buy in another colour too hahaha

Ytd I went to check out the TSW Warehouse sale at j8 so I went the store too!

TSW Castiel Shift Dress, size L

Wanted to get this online but luckily I tried first cuz size L hips is like just nice??! Damn I find their cutting getting smaller sia...

So I bagged home the last piece in XL! Weird thing is that I came home with the dress and it had no tags on... Why sia?!? Is it a returned piece?!? 😥😥

TSW Kinsey Dress, Size L

Also tried this beautiful polka dot dress which is on my radar... Website put waist as 14.5 for L lol wtf that is like size M? But surprisingly I could fit into it but just that the front opening is too much. Somemore I'm wearing a bralette only leh not even a proper cup bra. Sian so definitely need to buy XL if I get this.

TSW Emmeline Dress, Size XL

Damn I wanted this dress in navy but it sold out super quick and I missed the launch!!! Lol. This piece XL is too big sia 😂😂😂 so pass! Lol

Sigh. I really desperately want to leave.

OMG I love this TCL dress so much that I'm thinking to get it in white!!! Hahaha

Yay no workout today, gonna go meet my sec sch friend for dinner

Ramen for dinner with @Happychooo

Huat ah my huge taobao loot woohoo!!! There's 3 straw bags, 1 sandals and one bag strap hahaha

Day 23

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019

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arissaphyllicialin (avatar)

arissaphyllicialin I love the etoile dress on you babe!! 😍

1 month ago

aibeesparkss (avatar)

aibeesparkss Did you get anything from TSW warehouse sales? Worth to visit?🤔

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @arissaphyllicialin hehe thanks Arissa 😘😘

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @aibeesparkss yeah I got 2 bottoms and kinda regretted my purchase cuz it didn't fit as well as I thought it would on me 😂 larger sizes got more designs

1 month ago

wforwander (avatar)

wforwander I agreed their cutting is getting smaller! It’s like in between sizes! L is fitting and XL too loose need to alter :(

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @wforwander ya I'm quite annoyed sia??!! like wear L too tight but XL will be too big!! sigh Sian seems like TCL sizing more consistent

1 month ago

henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary I saw the tsw polka dot green dress online and still on the fence, because the chest area cutting looks weird. The pink dropwaist very nice though!

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @henydailydiary haha it's a great dress - buy it!! but I would recommend upsize for bust area lor

1 month ago

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