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Wow heavy downpour in the morning ... And just nice I'm changed to my new #valentino cuz no interviews today so I don't have to carry a huge bag!

Sian hope the water droplets don't stain my light bag

Lol this is literally me right now... Tolerating the pain on my crotch 😂😂😂

I was using phone and walking inside the MRT and I slammed myself into the metal barrier. And the barrier hit my cb 😖😖 fucking pain lucky mine is flat alrdy??? But confirm bruise alrdy sigh

So moral of the story is to be aware of what you're walking into hahaha! Damn paiseh please cuz so many people saw me slammed into it zzz

Lol this morning my friend @Happychooo sent this to me 🤣🤣🤣 lmao 10 years challenge - I was skinnier and very tanned cuz I swim alot then

OMG a cat walked into my office compound!! So pitiful it kept mewing!!! Gave it a few runs and I left :(

Sigh work was draining today... My neck hurts so badly today! I think I strained it too much while looking at PC ZZZ! Then received that now we need to do self evaluation for annual review on Google form... Diaooooo this is really unnecessary work to be honest lol

Cancelled my workout today and gonna meet my fellow dayrebrides!! We damn happening one sia lol

Dinner with dayrebrides at Nakhon Thai and after that ice cream at Sunday folks!

2 big scoops of ice cream for myself hoho

Yay 2020 brides to be!! Seriously our chat group hits like few thousand messages a day! Really cannot keep up hahahaha!!

Thanks ladies for a fun night 😁😁

Day 18

Friday, 18 Jan 2019

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