Shona (avatar)
updated 7 months ago

Took time off this morning and on my way to my fourth interview, this time round there's a quiz. Hope it's not too difficult cuz I did not revise anything HAHAHA

Really dislike why interviews comes with test... Hahaha

Yay I'm done with all my interviews for the week!! Lol today was the longest cuz it had a accounting/client scenario test which took more than an hour!

Treated my parents to dinner and walked around nex! Now that I rarely stay at my own place, the arguments are lesser and I treasure my time more with them! 😁

Yumssss! Sian last time it used to be $1.50 then it became $1.80 and now it's $2!!!!

But the durian quantity like became lesser hahaha

Lol resting on his big bum HAHAHAHA

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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