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We've finally confirmed our hotel venue about 3 weeks ago after visiting 8 places!! 😁 I'm actually glad that we finally settled on this cuz 10/10/2020 is a super hot date and I'm scared that alot of vendors are not available! #dayrebrides

Anyway today I'm gonna talk about our venue - Resorts World Sentosa Convention Ballroom. This was the only venue that my bf researched on so I gotta applaud for his effort. He remembered having company dinner here and the food was not bad so that's why he googled on the table price. Surprisingly this is slightly cheaper than Orchard Hotel! (Long story short, we softbooked Orchard Hotel before viewing RWS)

This mega huge ballroom is segregated into 3 sections: west, central and east.

Because of the ballroom structure which is like a dome shape, both west and east have L shaped march in because they have an additional door at the side. Central ballroom only had one door so the March in was straight and quite long. (Well not that I mind that it's long, I can do my princess wave HAHAHA)

The coordinator, Anna was super friendly and informative. She told us usually she will recommend West ballroom first as this ballroom is the nearest to the carpark for guests convenience

Now let's talk about the pros & cons

✔️The cost is very reasonable for a well known hotel, everyone knows where is RWS and will not get mixed up

✔️Free flow beer

✔️Bridal suite able to choose Ocean Suites which cost $4,200/night - SCORE! And we are having 2 nights!!

✔️Grand foyer for guests to mingle. For central ballroom there is an additional foyer behind the doors with seats so perfect for older folks

✔️Carpark has ample space - coordinator increased our parking coupons from 20% to 30%

✔️Floral deco provided is very diff from other hotels. There's one with a Cinderella carriage and another with floral arches along the march in. Able to customise as well with vendor

✔️Perks are very flexible, able to mix and match accordingly to our pref. We changed out the wedding favors and invites to an additional bottle of wine/table and an extra room at Hard Rock Hotel

✔️ Hotel provides staff to guide guests to the ballroom cuz it might get confusing there since it's a big place

✔️Changing room and solemisation room provided which is just right outside the ballroom itself

✔️ Toilets are nearby the ballroom as well

✔️Perks of one free table for every 10 tables = savings!!!

Lol that's a long list of pros that I thought of... Now on to the cons:

❎Yellow lighting - can be dimmed and adjust the yellowness but it's still yellow. Lol

❎Carpets are too colourful and complicated and looks very messy

❎Lighting looks like spiders descending LOL I don't think they look like florals

❎Location wise not really convenient for people with no cars as they have to take a cab in and there will be extra charges

❎Food wise I'm not sure, there's no reowned chef there that I know of

❎ A few of my bridesmaids have had their company dinners here so I find that there's not much of a surprise factor?? Lol

Actually I did cry when my bf wanted this venue - abit drama I know. Cuz I didn't like the ballroom at all - especially with the complicated carpets and weird lightings. I consulted my PG and he said there's nothing to worry at all because once the tables are set up, it will block the carpets. Also the lighting he told me usually nobody looks up and nobody remembers it anyway 😂😂

Also the main reason my bf wanted to choose RWS is that we got to save $8k as compared to Orchard Hotel.

That's really good savings that could be used for other aspects of the wedding. Anyway I compromised on the venue but bf allowed me to book a photo booth so all is well and good? Also the other vendors are all decided by me hahaha

Anyway thank goodness that our coordinator is so friendly and on the ball. Really hope that there's no change in coordinator until after our wedding is over! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Late lunch with bf - skipped dinner yesterday cuz I totally KO when I reached home. So damn tired

Busy doing up my Korean itinerary... Finally booked our AREX airport express tickets, everland tickets and rental for our hanbok!

Gonna finalise the booking for our Busan day tour trip and ski tour tonight too!! Woohoo! So exciting! Our long awaited holiday is in 4 weeks time hehe

Awww look at them!!! Hahaha 😍😍😍

Day 26

Saturday, 26 Jan 2019

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theglassfairy (avatar)

theglassfairy Yay!! Happy for you that your venue is settled 🤗

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @theglassfairy thank you!! yes finally got that out of the way hahaha

1 month ago

joreenchuajy (avatar)

joreenchuajy YOUR CAT IS so adorbs

1 month ago

carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 Your cat’s expression!!! 😂😂😂 “you forced me here.” So cute siaaaa!

1 month ago

xinyi9381 (avatar)

xinyi9381 Hihi, can I know how many tables did you took in order to have the entire space?

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @joreenchuajy hahaha YESSSS ur dog also equally cute la wahaa

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @carplate1030 LOLL hes like I AM DONE WITH U HUMANS. HAHAHA

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish @xinyi9381 I only took the central ballroom, minimum 33 tables!

1 month ago

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