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July 2018

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Snip snip! Just cut my hair few months back, itchy backside wana cut again. Really cannot tahan my lalang hair. I see my colleagues hair all #hairgoals one. Why mine like dry rumput 😭😭😭Here based on @mayyin_saw 's recommendation. My usual is a Japs salon at Newmarket. Wash and cut is $80 even if wana trim. That's defo too exxy so what better time than try a new hairstylist?!Also it's next to my workplace. Bonus is cut + wash + treatment is still cheaper than cut at Newmarket. #winning

Love it when the store plays La La Land's soundtrack. It just reminds me of my trip to Europe. Watched the movie in the plane and me quietly sobbing in the corner. So 😍😍😍

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OMG working in the stockroom is so bad for my bank account.

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Today is the first day of being in operation and i freaking love it!Although work is very labour intensive i.e. pricing, hanging clothes but to be the first to see the clothes is a real treat! As y'all know Zara is still on sale and some of the items we got today is 😱😱😱One knit dress was slashed from $139 to $39! My colleagues and I were appalled in the fast fashion industry. Of how even when the price are slashed by 70%, company is still making $$.

June 2018

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So NZ Post, i have a love hate relationship with you. Apparently they attempt delivery again yday which i applaud for but if they really attempt to deliver my parcel, they would have delivered it as my flatmates was home the entire day! The parcel doesn't require signature thus I'm angry that they do a half-assed job of delivery services. Brownie point for them is they did go to CD to drop off my parcel so that i can pick it up after work. But guess what?

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