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November 2018

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I lowkey wana go home. My visa is expiring in 3 weeks time and I haven't done anything to apply for a new one. Part of me just wana go home. My best friend has just delivered a baby boy, my youngest brother is a father now to an almost 1-year-old boy. I'm missing out on so many life events and for what? Better money? So homesick that I dreamt that my bestie and I went for a holiday at Cook Island.

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Back at my ol stomping ground! I used to come here every Sat after a great morning workout. It's a treat coz the Teriyaki Chicken Udon is BOMB! After every meal I would vow to try another dish but NOPE every time i look at the menu, cant say no to my fav.

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Happy 1st of November!!!

We're one month away from summer but I'm still dressed like it's winter. What the heck laaa. Yday was such a lovely day but I'm sick (still am). But I cannot bear to be at home any longer. House arrest for 2 days is enough! Fiance was like "Are u sure you want to go out for a movie and have Nando's?)Err YEAHHHH. I always believe that eating junk food while you're sick is good for you. (See if tomorrow I still stand by this saying anot)

October 2018

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Contemplating if I should call in sick or not. Wed is the busiest time in stockroom. It's also my fav day to work because we get new products today. I, for one, knows the stockroom is going to be cold af. And we're not allowed to wear jackets or anything. My uniform is really a piece of thin material blouse. If I go to work, confirm will come back worse. Plus busy means sure no time to drink water. And I need to drink water every 5 mins.So CIS I did.

This week has been such a good week. Really love morning shift. Even better when it's 7am shift. Although waking up at 5.30am is a bitch but the drive to work is a bit more pleasant and the fact when you finish at 3.30pm is MAJOR LOVE!Often I contemplate if I should nap after work or not. But sometimes nap can turn into a 3-hour nap. Then how to sleep already ah?I was NOT ready to go to gym today coz I didn't plan which class to go. But on a whim, I saw myself looking for my gym clothes

So tempted to CIS tomorrow :/ sometimes I feel like we are overworked. Everyone's always not happy being here. Every week also got people resign. The turnover is crazy high that they should do something about it. We cant just keep training people and they leaving. How long do we want to do it?

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