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Was exploring okcupid lately and I matched with this guy who's mixed like me (he's german/chinese). He is incredibly good looking btw and he's now waiting to enter uni.

We chatted a bit, and hit it off right away talking about our mixed parentage. Gave him my number and we met up. He's such a charming guy and we talked about our relationships. Apparently his ex left him for another guy while he was in army.

Told him my story as well, the whole B incident and F. We talked for hours till about 11pm, and long story short, I ended up in his bed and we fucked.

I'm the second girl he has done it with so had to guide him a little. THE VAGINA IS LOWER THAN WHERE YOU THINK IT IS GUYS. Anyway, me and him (let's call him Dan) had one of the best sex ever. His dick is the longest I had so far (thank you German genes) and it kept hitting on my cervix even with normal penetration.

He ended up cumming on my small boobs and sent me home after washing up. Oh and I need to mention, his shower is like a resort. Those open air type. Felt like someone is watching me all the time but nonetheless a very nice experience.

So as I'm lying in bed now, I'm kinda think he might be worth a shot.

Day 52

Thursday, 21 Feb 2019

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