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So last night Dan was feeling horny so he asked me to go over. Was a bit reluctant as I'd just bathed and was in the middle of drying my hair. But he sent me a selfie of his puppy eyes so I eventually obliged. Such a needy boy haha.

Just threw on my jammies and took a cab over. Didn't even put on any underwear since we're gonna be having sex anyways ☺

Reached his place and his mum opened the door! Was so embarrassed la!

Ger ah, so late still looking for Dan? He's upstairs in his room.

Err hi auntie, yeah I'm staying over tonight.

So this was basically our convo at the door. With my nipples poking out of my tee. IT WAS AWKWARD AF.

Anyway, I went up to Dan's room and he's already set up his room just the way I like it, lights off with only his bedside lamp on. He came over and we hugged and kissed and omg he is damn horny. Didn't take long for us to be naked and start fucking.

As we were doing it in missionary, I could feel him about to cum as he normally quickens his pace just before he ejaculates.

But this time, he suddenly laid his body down on me and said softly into my ear...

Mel, I love you so much, would you be my girlfriend?

Honestly, I didn't know how to react at that moment because first of all I'm so horny from sex and it took me by surprise.

So I just wrapped my legs around him tighter, causing him to cum deeper inside. I then whispered into his ear...

I'm all yours baby


So... yeah basically we're an item now 🥰

Day 78

Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019

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baichidewo (avatar)

baichidewo A good way to do it man HAHAHAHAH!

5 months ago

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