Melmello (avatar)
updated 5 months ago

Ok so I finally told my friend that I've been going out with her brother. Can't have F always coming to my place for #r21 right. Surprisingly, she's been taking it quite well though I think she's just acting like it doesn't bother her.

Have you guys had sex?

Yeah was expecting her to ask me that so I just told her we did, a few times.

Ok, remember to use protection.

Yes we do lah (ok we don't, but I had to lie about this one). I'm on contraceptives so it's fine.

Day 51

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019

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donttalkcrap (avatar)

donttalkcrap does she know you are on contraceptives?

5 months ago

melmello (avatar)

melmello @donttalkcrap Yup. Most girls in my school are I guess.

5 months ago

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