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Had a great Valentine's Day though I must admit, I did think of B while out with F. It's so hard not to since he has been a fixture of my past vdays.Anyway, we went to Bread Street Kitchen for dinner and F got me a mini bouquet. Afterwards, we went back to my place and hung out at the playground nearby. Eventually started to have a HTHT.

Ok so this CNY, I decided to do some spring cleaning in my room and guess what? I found like 4 boxes of condoms from probably 3 years ago lol. Those were from my ex, D, for his weekly stayover at my place.I still remember we were so horny at the start of our rs that we'd easily go through a box of condoms every night. So that's why we have a habit of just stocking up. Anyway, just found it amusing to come across this. #r21

@yong1006 - I’ve tried to get access to the patch but most polyclinics have said they do not carry it, where do you get yours?

@tabsaf - Will you tell B what you did with F when you and B are finally back together in future?

So, CNY. Had to face the unbearable question of where B is and why he didn't go visiting with me. Luckily only had to go to 1 side of the family. Perks of being mixed haha.Anyway, I did this once when I had very few people reading my stuff so I guess let's do a Q&A again. Comment below with your qns. Pls, nothing related to my identity k guys. Don't ask me what school or course I'm from, or for my personal details. #r21

Went with F to his friend's birthday chalet at NSRCC. First time meeting his friends and first time going to a party with so much alcohol.We played some beer pong and some card drinking game. Stuck to him most of the time since I'm actually pretty shy meeting new people. However, I'm good at people watching and it's amusing to see drunks. Guess it's true that alcohol reveals your true self.

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