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March 2019

So last night Dan was feeling horny so he asked me to go over. Was a bit reluctant as I'd just bathed and was in the middle of drying my hair. But he sent me a selfie of his puppy eyes so I eventually obliged. Such a needy boy haha.Just threw on my jammies and took a cab over. Didn't even put on any underwear since we're gonna be having sex anyways ☺Reached his place and his mum opened the door! Was so embarrassed la!

B finally texted me today. He said he's seeing someone and think it's best for us to go our separate ways. I'm not sure if we can even be friends, after all we've done, but just let things take their course I guess. We've both grown a lot through our relationship.Well, I guess now I have Dan so it's not too bad. Told him about B's text and that I'd need some time to totally get over him. He (Dan) said he understands and I can talk to him if I need to. ❤❤❤ such a sweetie.

February 2019

Dan has been picking me up from school these couple of days, which also means I've been able to get my daily dose of "vitamin D". Hey girls have needs too ok.Anyway, he'll be going back to Germany next week to visit relatives so we made a video of us having intercourse for him to jerk off to while he's there. Played around with a few angles and he insisted on a pOV shot while he fucks me in missionary. Guess I got to get as much sex as possible now before he leaves for 2 weeks.

Dan invited me to stay over at his place this weekend. Was a little skeptical because we've only met once and who knows, he might just murder me (yeah I'm weird).But I went anyway haha.Been a while since I stayed over at someone's place so I agreed. My dad saw me packing my "stayover bag" so he asked if I'm back with B. Had to tell him that I'm seeing someone else right now.

Was exploring okcupid lately and I matched with this guy who's mixed like me (he's german/chinese). He is incredibly good looking btw and he's now waiting to enter uni.We chatted a bit, and hit it off right away talking about our mixed parentage. Gave him my number and we met up. He's such a charming guy and we talked about our relationships. Apparently his ex left him for another guy while he was in army.

Ok so I finally told my friend that I've been going out with her brother. Can't have F always coming to my place for #r21 right. Surprisingly, she's been taking it quite well though I think she's just acting like it doesn't bother her.

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