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December 2018

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Second staycation with B and omg my pussy is so sore from all the #r21 we're having. Really crazy what happens when parents/siblings get out of the way.

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Guess who's finally getting some D 😁We're off to staycay tomorrow so B's staying over at my place tonight. I went for a shower first so that I could be ready for him in bed. Blow dried my hair while he's showering and just laid on my bed waiting. The aircon is a bit cold as I'm naked but the thought of sex just makes me so excited.We have to be quiet though as my bro is just next door and the wall between our rooms is a false wall so it's paper thin lol.

This Christmas was incredibly homely compared to my past years'. Just had a dinner with B's family and watched Netflix.I asked if he needed help to satisfy his needs since I'm still on my period and my vagina is out of bounds. Ended up watching porn together while I blew him. At least we can have some skinship at the meantime (I'm a very sensitive girl).Speaking of porn, thought maybe I'd just write a bit about my experience with it.

Ugh it's gonna be a week without sex for me and I hate it. Really can't wait for next weekend to have #r21 with B.Thought I'd do a continuation of my previous writeup about being sexually active in secondary school, now in poly context.Yes, I'm in my last year of poly now and have had 2 partners so far. I think it's still quite average for someone my age.

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Period is here. Although good thing is I'm not preggers, I'm really not looking forward to the week of cramps and no #r21.B had booked another staycay for new years day and tickets to Siloso Beach Party but to be honest, I'd rather be in bed with his dick in me as we fuck into the new year. Haha imagine us cumming when the countdown reaches 0.Anyway, lately my friend A have been coming to me for advice about a boy and thought I'd share about it here.

Hehe B's family is out to Ikea today so guess what, it's #r21 outside his room day. Just when our sex life feels like it's becoming routine, this change once in a while sure spices things up.Made a lil mess on his couch though cuz we're too in the zone to go grab a towel to lay on. And after he came in me, we just sat up and made out so his cum was all over as I just let it flow out. And I made him clean up his own mess lol.

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