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Behind that Scar.

The good man is a light in the darkness for the upright.

Just got home from my afternoon appointment with Dr Joyce Lim! Spending the rest of the day with my fur kids!:)
Preparing my surprise for Jon now! planning a getaway this weekend.

Thankfully he doesn't read my dayre so dayre readers pls don't leak out!

Anyway, you see this scar on my forehead?
I'm going to laser it off, finally.. :')

There are no filters on this photo and I've no foundation or powder on as well so it's pretty obvious.

P.S. I'm loving how my eyebrows look after 1 day! Thought it was gonna be red and nasty but I guess it subsided really fast this time around!:)

I got this scar in a car accident about two years ago. Jon was still in Seattle while this happened.
I was out with my colleagues and we were on the way for karaoke when the driver (my friend) jammed his brakes. He knocked the back of another car and I hit my head on the front seat really hard. I had just met them but I learnt later that he had 2 glasses of wine during dinner.
I don't remember what happened exactly but there was blood everywhere as I was bleeding profusely.

I guess I was quite shocked but I didn't really care much about the bleeding. Honestly I think I soaked up at least an entire box of tissue paper. I think I looked like I had just walked out of a murder scene. I guess the.normal thing that would have happened was for someone to call an ambulance. But instead, I very bravely left them to settle the accident while I took a cab to a nearby clinic. The nurse/staff at the counter told me to go to the hospital right away!

I took another cab while holding gauze on my head to mount A;
Waited for 2 hours at a&e and then got advised by the nurses that it was a really deep cut that she could almost see my skull, so I should get it seen by a plastic surgeon instead.
Eeeewwww. Honestly I haven't looked at myself in the mirror so I had no clue how the cut looked like.

Feeling quite faint at that point in time, I almost wanted to just proceed with a simple stitch but thankful that I didn't eventually.
Took another taxi ride to mount E where they called up a plastic surgeon to come down on emergency. It was 5-6am by then and I was soooo tired.

Can't really recall the pain much except for the stinging when he injected anesthesia inside the wound so the stitching wouldn't hurt.

So yeah, that's the story behind my recent scar on my forehead.

Finally going to get it removed by Dr Joyce Lim! :)
I'm so so thankful and happy that I'm finally taking some action!
I personally don't care much about that mark on my face but I know it's a pain when I do photo shoots because they'll have to photoshop it away.
I went back right into shooting for ttr about 2 weeks after my surgery even while the stitches were still on, and I think they had to photoshop away my scar in every single photo!
辛苦你了 @joycesayshello and @jongsy!

Thinking back on those days, I'm quite 感动 that they even asked me to come for shoots even though I had such an awful big ass mark on my face.
I don't think they actually needed a second model but Joyce was probably trying to make me feel better about the whole incident.
Sooooo thankful to be working for TTR because they're not just a heartless bunch of $ driven people.
If you know what I mean :')

Honestly then, I wasn't thinking so much like:
-omgggg a scar on my face means my life is over
-no more modeling jobs
-no more ads

I don't even think I cared much about all that but I just continued living on like normal.
And I'm so happy that I transitioned back into my daily lifestyle while allowing that scar to heal.
I wasn't even anything close to traumatized or upset or depressed.

People asked me to sue my friend because he was drink driving but I didn't really see a point in doing so.
So I just ignored their advice but focused on the fact that they cared for me to that degree that they got upset (on my behalf) about his irresponsibility.

In retrospect, it all worked out because God has blessed me in so many abundant ways. Through the love of my family, friends and boyfriend, the scar was never my concern.
I'm definitely counting the sponsorship from Dr Joyce Lim as another huge blessing in disguise.

Day 38

Friday, 7 Feb 2014

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cheesyvette (avatar)

cheesyvette Glad your brows aren't as sore as the previous time! :) Remember your skin calming mask tonight! 😉

4 years ago

joycesayshello (avatar)

joycesayshello Thats great bb! But anyw you look pretty even with the scar please!!! Heh. 😚

4 years ago

ifmyifmyifmy (avatar)

ifmyifmyifmy Like harry potter's scar

4 years ago

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