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April 2019

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Bitch at first sight

A random thought this weekend....usually when you meet me for the first time, let’s say it was not a planned one - then i have this snobbish, RBF vibe. It’s a true story..confirmed by many ppl around me. Example 1: My mum was helping tutor this teenager at our house. Well i woke up from a nap and walked downstairs and didnt expect a guest. So i just creep around because i didnt wanna interrupt, but i wasnt smiling cos i just woke up! The next day my mum said the teenager ask why im so grumpy.

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Very into Everlane these days. They have been around and granted they are pretty pricey..but if you think about something of the same range from another brand would definitely costed more than this. And everlane’s stuff is really very comfy! I’ve ordered some denim jeans from them and cant wait. I tried a pair previously but i think sizinf down is a better move because of how the jeans have some stretch to it, it ended up being a lil lose.

March 2019

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Weekend routine

I guess the older you are, the more you plan your weekend ahead and yet time still flies unknowingly. It really affects how I feel to start the week. If i spend my weekend not being productive, I do feel very overwhelm to start my week. Am I the only one who is like that?

February 2019

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Wedding Planning Part 2

Let’s continue about the wedding planning! #dayrebride

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