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November 2018

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rly is 男人不坏女人不爱 LOL but ok no doesn't apply to me irl 🙂

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We make promises, fully knowing that they won't be kept.To become even sadder?Or to lessen the sadness?

October 2018

5:24AMsigh yet another sleepless night fml

6:20AMmy day must have been so fucked up that I can't sleep even after taking medicine that's supposed to help me sleep - which is the first since I started taking this medicine every night exactly 1 month ago granted that I did nap for 1 hour after screaming and bawling my eyes out for god knows how long after a siao gao (or rather gangster/ah beng) picked a fight with me lol followed by the bigger siao gao trying to add more fuel to the fire wow like father like son I must say

September 2018

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Hi dayre it's been long

ReallyJust wanna die rn So fucking sick of this

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