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birthday surprises! πŸ₯³

It is Al’s birthday surprise today! πŸ₯³ We celebrate each other’s birthdays by planning a surprise activity, and it is usually a novel experience that is in line with what the other party likes. This started three years ago!

I will dig out the old posts of our past surprises for each other but for today, I’m bringing him to have a 90 mins massage + have a go at VR gaming! The latter was actually a recommendation that I read on Dayre some time ago and I don’t remember who first suggested it, but here’s a huge thanks to the person! πŸ™πŸ» Initially, my plan was to bring Al to SuperPark but it got foiled when he went with his friends. My back-up plan was then iFly but hmm, I thought the VR gaming sounded more interesting!

His 25th
Leather workshop: @mdymzz:210517

My 24th
Glamping: @mdymzz:281117

His 26th
Trampoline park & boxing: @mdymzz:190518

My 25th
Pastries class: @mdymzz:011218

Met at 10:45 AM βœ”οΈ

Was taking Al on a ride because he didn’t know where we were travelling to. I kept misleading him and abruptly stepping out of the train when he thought we were alighting somewhere else. Poor thing was just following me blindly

When we finally reached the massage parlour, Al looked completely perplexed and bewildered. He thought I was playing a joke, even when I started removing my footwear outside the shopfront

In his defence, the shop didn’t look very impressive from the outside

We started off with a brief soaking of our feet...

...before beginning our 30 mins foot massage 🦢🏻

Upon it starting, I immediately sank into drowsiness. The masseurs were extremely skilful. Mine had the perfect amount of strength and I could tell her technique came from years of experience; she definitely knew what she was doing

Much to Al’s delightfulness, we then proceeded with our 60 mins full body massage πŸ’†πŸ»‍♀️

We had separate rooms that were adjoined by a door that was closed, but it didn’t make a difference because our faces were mostly down. I really don’t know how Al’s masseur was as compared to mine but zomg, mine delivered excellence 🌟

I rarely rave about anything but this is truly an exception. I want to reiterate that her skills were so, SO good, I thought it was the best body massage I’ve ever had πŸ₯Ί She was gentle yet strong, and cracked my body thoroughly. The 60 mins passed too fast

Al feeling thoroughly satisfied ✨ He is a HUGE fan of massages and requests for one whenever we go overseas. I knew this would be the perfect treat for him πŸ’•

If anyone’s interested, here’s how the shopfront looks! I actually got a deal of theirs of Fave and though was initially skeptical, the available reviews helped and now, I will DEF recommend them too

The deal I got was the 60 + 30 mins for 2 pax! There was zero hard selling after that; we literally drank some water and walked out straight without anyone talking to us. It was a fuss free experience and though the location was a little inconvenient, I really think it was worth the effort travelling over. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of our masseurs though :-(

With our half asleep faces 😌 It was so shiok, I couldn’t stop telling Al about it although he received an excellent massage too

It felt more like my birthday present instead lolol oops. I had initially thought of just getting the deal for 1 pax and letting Al go for it by himself. I wouldn’t have mind waiting outside, but I was VERY sure that Al would get upset with me if that really happened. In fact, he would even get angry hahaha so okay I guess I had to go for the message too hehe

πŸ“ New Ubin Seafood

Lunch was here because we were finally in the vicinity + Al was so excited that we grabbed down to the restaurant πŸ˜› He has been raving about their steak and has been wanting me to try!

The steak comes with a HUGE portion of fried rice that was fragrant simply delicious. The potato wedges were complimentary too. The only ala carte dish we ordered was some sambal kangkong because it’s always a must to have them 🀀


Tender and chewy beef cubes that were grilled to a perfect medium-rare ✨ To be very honest though, I was slightlyyy disappointed because the meat wasn’t juicy or flavourful enough. I actually got bored of it after awhile and wondered if we could finish it

But we did, of course

Happy boy is happy πŸ₯°

Onwards to surprise no. 2! πŸ₯³

Al made a myriad of guesses. From karaoke to arcades, he still didn’t know what we were doing next until he saw this storefront that stated something along the lines of an escape room experience. He thought it was VR escape room! He wasn’t only partially right

Motion sensors on

And this is how we looked 🀣🀣🀣 We had to put on so much things and they weren’t light!

The experience, though, was AMAZING. There were 3 available gameplays to choose from and I chose the one with a space/galactic theme. We were on a mission to protect and deliver a package, and had to blast off monsters along the way!

The graphics were stellar and the experience felt so real. The motion sensors worked brilliantly and was very in sync with our movements. There were a couple of times when the monsters came directly in front of me and I actually felt taken aback!

To resuscitate each other, we had to place our palms on the other party’s shoulder

Which resulted in this hilarious sight. My right arm had to be up at all times because between the both of us, only I had the shield. Which rendered useless because I couldn’t hold my arm high enough at all times for the shield to be activated lolol

Pressing my palm to activate a door or something

Really appreciated that the staff helped to take so many photos + videos although I will
not post any of the latter here; I was too embarrassing! 😳 Al was engrossed in the gameplay while I kept talking + making noises + looking confused

They also gave us two edited videos of the gameplay + us in it, and everything was just impressive. I even thought of going for one more session but it is quite a pricey 30 mins gameplay so, next time, I’m sure!

πŸ’• Pleased with the experience

I then had DDD’s 🍠 that was exceptionally sweet

Also, got Al to change into a black tee because we decided to head to Geylang Serai Bazaar for the evening! Didn’t think we’ll have much time the next few weekends to visit it before it ends

This post is getting too long though so I’ll post the remaining photos separately :-)

Day 139

Sunday, 19 May 2019

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joreeenchua (avatar)

joreeenchua Hello Mandy I love reading your posts hehehe. And I kind of just read all the bday posts in one go πŸ˜… and was wondering how yall met! 😍 have you dayred this before?? :)

4 weeks ago

mdymzz (avatar)

mdymzz @joreeenchua that’s so nice to know, thank you πŸ₯Ί HAHA nooo I haven’t posted about how we got to know each other and it’s actually not a spectacular story but hmm maybe one day πŸ˜› thank you for reading though! 🌻

4 weeks ago

deerbambi (avatar)

deerbambi I also really enjoy reading your posts haha always so many fun activities that I’ve never heard of but really rock my boat (like the sunset cinema and VR) 😬

4 weeks ago

mdymzz (avatar)

mdymzz @deerbambi thank you too πŸ₯Ί please go ahead and try those activities!! I usually like to go for anything and everything hahaha

4 weeks ago

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