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Al’s surprise breakfast delivery for me again :’)

He is always an actions>words person. I was so miserable last night battling a leaking nose + hurting throat + headache, and was just allowing myself to indulge in the misery. Al wanted to help but didn’t know how to, and he thoughtfully ordered breakfast for me today, delivered to my workplace! ❤️

I literally laughed when I saw it was Mr. Bean; it is an inside joke between us. He got me 2 pancakes + 2 tau huey (one had some tang yuan in it) + 1 hot soy milk. It made me happy that he remembered I like my drinks warm 🥰

Drip drip drip 🤧 I actually can feel myself recovering and I honestly can’t wait to be completely well again

Stretch & Splits 90 @ Align (1/10 class pack)

Yay to utilising a new yoga package I got! There was a 20% off last month and after finishing the ones I had from Ziva, Shiva, and Freedom, Align is next

I knew I was going to be in pain during the class because of how ridiculously stubborn my hamstrings are, and I indeed felt the pain. My hips are so open, yet I can’t stretch my legs out fully! I know they are surely loosening and ought to be more patient w myself, but the frustration gets to me every time. Will remind myself not to chase for results but to enjoy the process of learning and growing

I truly enjoyed the class though. Viru, one of my favourite yoga instructors across so many studios, is actually leaving SG soon. I can’t remember if it’s July or end of it, but yes he is leaving and I was so sad upon knowing. Since my express class pack only has a validity period of 1 month, I shall try to attend more of his classes

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📍 Fart Tartz

Ending off Saturday with a dinner with Melo! Forced her out of the house even though she was tired from the event she had in the morning too, oops

We got a 1 for 1 dinner set which consisted of a main + dessert + drink. Both sets only amounted to ~$27!

I can’t remember when the last time we headed out for dinner was but it didn’t feel recent

Tiramisu & blackforest cakes in jars

The food was actually very mediocre but ah, no complaints when it was made so much more affordable after redeeming the deal

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This evening’s pink sky

Yes I am, and you definitely are too ✨ Just a little perk-me-up as I head to bed really soon. May the medicine I’ve consumed work its magic and have me recovered tomorrow. It’s Al’s birthday surprise and I can’t wait

Day 138

Saturday, 18 May 2019

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