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PH yay 🥳/ geylang ramadan bazaar 🥤

Basic Crow & Side Crow Workshop @ Anahata Yoga

This is already my fourth yoga workshop at Anahata Yoga! I can do a basic crow pose but have never been able to hold for >5 seconds comfortably. My knees either slide off the sides of my arms, or the pressure on my arms hurt so much that I can’t continue holding the pose

I knew there was something not fully right with what I was doing, which of course made me very eager to attend the workshop and correct whatever it was

Again, I learned a lot behind the technicalities of the crow pose, which I enjoyed very much. Also finally understood why there was sometimes such intense pain on my arms

However, I thought there was a tad too much talking that didn’t allow us a lot of time to actually work on the pose 🤭 I really appreciated the instructor’s sharing though! She was sincere, open, and engaging, and I wouldn’t have minded her sharing more had it not affected the time

I didn’t take any photos during the session because we didn’t have a lot of chances to work on the poses for long. But yes, I managed to learn where on my knees to position my arms so there won’t be pain, and I also know how to enter into a side crow now! I should definitely be more disciplined and practise on my own but ahhhhhh

Public holidays are days to clear the never-ending list of things to do

• wrapped Al’s birthday present!
• transferred and therefore cleared hundreds of photos from my phone
• read the guide for GLOW
• fold and keep all activewear

Also learned to make dumplings from the mother this afternoon! 🥟

What a lovely plate of 🥟🥟🥟s. I thought the ones that looked like roses were pretty

HIIT @ The Yoga Co.

Look who’s back! And immediately wanted to die, lol. Actually, apart from dying consistently each time, I have actually learned several ways of lifting weights to work on different parts of the body. Tried a single leg kettlebell deadlift for the first time and my hamstrings actually ached the next day!

#dayrefitness #classpass #mdysweats

geylang serai ramadan bazaar 🥤

Here’s continuing yesterday’s post ✨

It looks crowded in this photo but there was actually ample space to walk around. I thought there was a significant improvement as compared to last year’s! The spaces between the stalls were wider, there were sitting areas, and the experience was made a lot more comfortable this time round

The first thing we really wanted was a drink and we got their brown sugar green tea!

The brown sugar made the drink extremely sweet and if even I found it so, it really was pretty sweet

Al’s disappointing Rambly burger. There were honestly too many stalls selling them and we didn’t know which to get from. Randomly chose this and hmmmmmmm...

There were two areas where the food was and we mostly just walked to and fro through them. We didn’t know what to have. There were so much choices, while the prices and queueing were major deterrents too. Most of the more popular food averaged at $10! 😨

Got some chilli crab takos! They were very big and crispy on the outside, but at $7 for 6 pieces, I thought it was pretty expensive 😰

This was the most pricey of all but I really, really wanted to get one done 🥺 It was so costly that I don’t want to reveal the amount here, but the lady’s skills were pretty good

Al waited patiently beside me. Is this also the beauty mode that every other phone but an iPhone has?

So pleased with the outcome! ✨

Happy happy though it’ll probably only last for a week or so

Got a sugarcane drink to end the long day we had. Before we left, Al kept checking if I had already ate everything I wanted. I hadn’t, but was too tired to struggle with deciding what other food to have. He didn’t chide me for getting the henna too :’)

At night, the light installations were prettily lit! 🌟

Crowds kept pouring in at 7+ and maybe, it was a good idea to leave anyway

What a long day we had 🥰 We used to go on dates that were ~12hrs long back in the first few months we got to know each other. Then, it gradually dwindled and stabilised until today’s 9 hrs reminded me of those days again

I hope it’s because we’re getting on with our age, and not our relationship that’s getting old

Day 140

Monday, 20 May 2019

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deerbambi (avatar)

deerbambi Hi! Do you attend the anahata workshops via a package or classpass?

1 month ago

mdymzz (avatar)

mdymzz @deerbambi via a package I have with them! I saw the workshops available for booking on cp, but didn’t believe I can just use cp to attend without paying anything! hmm

1 month ago

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