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my favourite Soul Flow 🎶

Soul Flow @ Freedom Yoga (5/6 class pack)

I thought to pen this down immediately today because in this evening’s Soul Flow class, I cried. Princess’ Soul Flow has always been my favourite kind of yoga. It is a choreographed yoga sequence that flows to the beat of the music, and I must add that music and I share a special relationship

That aside, there is always a message behind every Soul Flow class. Princess spends a couple of minutes before the final three flows sharing with us the intention of the night. She does so in a very lovely, thoughtful, and encouraging manner. Sometimes, I will feel so emotional that I will not be able to look at her

Which was what happened tonight. Maybe it was the message of “strength through adversity” that particularly resonated with me, maybe it was the music, maybe it was just me

But I found my tears rolling to all sides of my face during the second flow. I felt empowered. With each movement I make, I made them with grace, and when I felt more collected, I proceeded with the rest of the class with a comfort in my heart

Until shavasanah, where, while having my eyes closed, the tears began rolling to each side again. I didn’t really know what my tears meant but they weren’t of sorrow. They felt like...hopefulness, instead. A silent but strong hope. As I lay there, I wanted to preserve the emotion I was feeling; bottle it up and keep it safe with me. I don’t feel such a peace all the time, and life makes me forget that it’s possible to be so still in the mind

It was such a powerful session and I think some people felt it too, for there were a couple other sniffles in the room

I just wanted to jot this down felt like magic, actually, And I believe we need more of such magic in our lives


Oh, I surprised myself too when I could do a one-legged chaturanga! ☺️ It was part of today’s choreograph so we did it several times, and it made me think back to the days when I couldn’t even do a full one, and yet I am doing one-legged ones now :’)

Not sure why but it was also today that I suddenly managed to do Princess’ rendition of a “pushing cobra”. Once after class, I actually asked her to teach me and I wasn’t able to do it. After the knee-chest-chin, one typically slides the body into a cobra pose, but Princess uses her arms instead to push the body up while the butt gently goes down simultaneously

It initially felt so strange but once I did it for the first time today, I realised I could continue to do it again and again

I don’t know why but as I have said, today’s class was simply a lot more magical

Freedom Blaze (6/6 class pack)

This was before Soul Flow. For me, Blaze is a good alternative if I am feeling more sluggish and want a low intensity HIIT session that day

Out of the 6 classes I have with Freedom Yoga, I attended 3 Blaze and 3 Soul Flow ✨ All of Princess’, too. This thus marks the finishing of my package. While I can still attend Soul Flow through CP, I may not do so as frequently. If only Freedom Yoga has promotions.......

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Day 133

Monday, 13 May 2019

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