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When things get messy & all it's left are smudges.

February 2019

This morning in my sleep, I dreamt I was having sex, but it wasn't a dream-dream... the dream was so real!Almost like a 鬼压身 experience, but with the "鬼"/force/pressure around me instead of on me. It was so weird!I was a little frightened but I didn't want it to end. "He" ate me out, then entered me from behind. Then I saw his face in my dream. It was Chase #charlottexcrase (Charlotte's long term fwb).#R21

So, Charlotte met him for the 2nd time. And they continued holding hands. And escalated to hugs, and a good night kiss on the forehead.

Sexual tension building but...

"Charlotte, where are you?"She received a text from a old school mate whom she reconnected with at a recent wedding. Dylan said he was drinking nearby with some friends, and asked if she wanted to join them. (Following her text to include her in future outings if he happens to be in the CBD where she works)She was nearing home. But decided to head back to town.The guys were drinking for a good 3 hours by then. He was simi high when she arrived. He offered to meet her at the door.

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