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June 2019

Ugh. I am so stressed out. Because of damn paperwork for our FY closing. And some documents are missing, partially my fault partially staffs. And our accountant is chasing to get those docs ASAP. Haih. Ok I’d admit that I procrastinated a lot and actually put myself in this shitty situation. I could have done this way earlier but yeah, I got majorly lazy and this is why I never learn. So angry at myself yet I feel so frustrated. Just hope that we can go through this wave okay-ly and move on.

The meeting with our accountant went relatively ok; there were few matters to take care of before closing of the company’s financial year. The whole weekend was spent doing paperworks and freaking more paperworks. I can feel my back breaking and aching so badly; been sitting on the floor, on the chair, on the bed to do work and each stretch went as long as 3-4hours so yeah. I don’t miss doing paperwork and I detest it to no end. But when you’re a business owner, there’s really no escape to this.

I can’t wait for Saturday to end because we have a meeting with our accountant and it’s gonna be so brain draining and exhausting just thinking about it. I can’t wait to relax. Unmotivated to work and workout. Need to find my mojo back. Also it’s already mid year which means, 6months if handling business on our own. It hasn’t been the easiest journey, like all businesses out there, there bound to be ups and downs. But the downs are realistically scary and terrifying. It involves money and more

Sometimes working out gets tiring and hits a plateau. Like right now, I actually don’t feel motivated to work out but I also don’t wanna waste my effort thus far too. Sometimes I get into the studio and feels like going back; sometimes the car ride to the studio feels so long far- 15mins without jam, an hour with bad traffic jam. Also, that area reminds me of everything I was used to. A place with lotsa memories with an old pal which we’re on non talking terms anymore. And another pal whom I

I’m so excited for tonight’s plan. Gonna have dinner with good pals and chill the night away with chitchatting. Haven’t been feeling 💯 recently and I kinda just wanna have time alone. Didn’t feel the FOMO feels too when the hb has plans for the weekend. I just wanna have time and space for myself. Good music, sweet wine, and probably a romcom to end the night. This is my introvert side that many don’t know about. I like being alone sometimes. Can’t wait for the weekend.

So damn happy AF is here. One is because, I don’t want kids yet. Two, after this PMs i can eat whatever I want! I’m still pissed at the husband. He’s not feeling well and I told him to eat less spicy food and yet I got scolded by him with harsh words. Fine. I don’t care now and I don’t feel like talking to him either. You do you. If it makes you happy being sick and shit, so be it.

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