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What are men to rocks and mountains? 🌎

April 2019

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Wedding video from AIB 💫

I’ve received my wedding video from Androids in Boots!!! ✨✨

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I’ve been busy carting out things on Taobao cos I’m heading to Beijing in a week’s time and I don’t know if I’ll be going back any time soon since YL and I changed our plans about me moving up. I will miss the lightning-speed delivery of Taobao in China!I’ve not lived in Beijing but there are so many things I’ll miss about the city... hope we get another chance to relocate sometime. I really think living overseas is an exciting adventure.Some of the stuff I bought:

March 2019

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Our first home 🥰

Hello #dayrehomes! We collected the keys to our flat on 4 Feb 2019 (after applying for the flat in Dec 2014...) so that’s a whopping 4+ years!


Today seems to be a popular birthday - day; it is my dad’s birthday, and a few other friends’ birthday... as well as JJ Lin’s 🤣Got my dad Coco Exotic from Four Leaves - that remains one of my fav cakes! It’s so underrated.My dad didn’t want a birthday cake, but I could sense his joy when we celebrated together and sang him a birthday song.Sometimes, I still feel resentful towards my father over some poor decisions he made which left my family in a financial rut for a bit.

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Politicians 😒 / Milestone at work!

This could be taken out of context but lol what bad PR. Basically, Khaw Boon Wan said that falling down and the pain of breaking his arm is worse than childbirth...(even though he attributed it to his doctor...) Erms. I’m sure most people don’t appreciate such flippant comparison.

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