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같은 한늘, 다른 곳 🌿

August 2018

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Chanced upon this convo again. #sotrue

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S E N T O S A day!The weather forecast was showing scattered thunderstorms from pre-dawn till 1pm; chances are 40-50% though. It rained really heavily the past few days and it got me worried.But guess what?

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Guess who’s in Singapore!

Heading out to meet YJ and it’s pouring so heavily outside. When she came years ago, it rained every single day she was here. We couldn’t do much sightseeing and stayed indoors most of the time.

Every girl’s problem. I need to lose weight!! You know, when it is around 3-4pm everyday and you get hungry? We had iSteaks for lunch today and imo it was awesome! Plus the company 🙃 This other bunch of lunch khakis makes me laugh so much.“如果一直笑,会不会瘦?”Obviously the answer is no. Hahaha 😂

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JJ’s concert videos are floating all over instastory/insta videos. I should have taken that leap of faith and gone on a solo concert. Oh well, got to wait for the next one! @suelennon says we’ll be 4x by then. 再等一千年以后吧 😂This week is a short one cos Wed is a public holiday!YJ is in Singapore for a 3 week work trip so I am planning to play tourist and am racking my brains on the places to take her. She mentioned Sentosa, Merlion, Universal Studios.

When you hear from a friend that another friend is questioning your life choices...

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