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Hello 2019!

Life hasn’t been pretty good but as usual, I’m not ready to share anything too personal on my public platform. I’m thankful for the support of my girlfriends, they are the best thing that happen in my life.

I was hiding at home on last day of 2018 and first day of 2019 watching this show. I know I’m slow when it comes to catching this. The first 14 episodes were so slow that I almost wanted to give up. But my friends were like, WATCH ON. And I’m glad I did!

Before 2018 ended, I overcome a fear of mine, getting close and cozy with a dog. I know dogs are harmless, they don’t attack or bite without reason. Don’t ask me why I’m so fearful of them.

Anyway, I love this little fellow a lot. He got all excited when we played throwing with him and he looks like he’s smiling when I fed him a treat.

My mini twinnie number 2 turns 1 during Christmas Day too! In no time, she will no longer be that baby in my arm. I kept telling her to stop growing up so fast, like STOP growing but I guess it’s quite impossible.

Had our cell group thanksgiving too! I love this spiritual family of mine a lot. Instead of passing the gift to their secret Santa, I made them do something difficult at the very last minute and they just accepted the task. We had so much laughter and fun.

On shopping! Where do I begin? We go by brand?

Love Bonito

I went for #Lovebonito Chinese New Year Styling Workshop last Saturday and this dress caught my attention.

I’m wearing S and the PTP is quite snug for me and it’s slightly loose at the waist area. I was a little worried that the button at the chest area might risk flying open but for this dress, I don’t have this problem.

Dress is lined and its quite light too despite it being a maxi. I love the flowy feel of it. The issue is, this is super low cut for my comfort.

Can’t imagine how I used to wear so low and so short during my younger days. I think when you grow old, you’ll begin to cover up! Question: Do I wear or return/sell this?

A simple basic that I’ve been wanting to cart but couldn’t hit $85 to enjoy the 10% Citibank discount. Wearing S and it’s super body hugging. This is the kind of dress that will show all your fats and flaws. I need to spend more time in gym to take away the fats from my hips and thighs.

This dress is loved. Been a while since I found a dress that I loved so much from LB. wearing S and it fits just nicely with the PTP being a little snug. There’s a peek-a-boo cut at the front but it’s not too low for my comfort. I think the cut of this dress is very flattering, creating a waistline for every girl and creating that slim illusion. Keeping this for CNY!

I’ve bought from the denim collection too. I’ve been looking around for black denim bottom and this one from Lb caught my attention.

I’m wearing size 26 and it fits me nicely, I’ve to ensure that I don’t put on any weight if not this will be too tight for me. I love the unique hem of the jeans and the details that were added to spice up the usual boring black denim.

Bought their culottes in size 25 and it took me a while to wear it out because I don’t know what to pair this with. Ended up decided on a plain white top. This pair is loved but I think I need to get proper top to match it.


This dress is loved. I’m wearing S and it’s quite loose on me but I think I’m fine with it. The prints are so pretty and it’s definitely my kind of design. There’s no zip so you’ll have to wear it over. Oh, did I mention there’s pockets? The material is very smooth and comfortable to touch too.

I’ve been trying very hard to resist #oursecondnature but how many of you agree with me that once hook, it’s quite hard to quit. And their designs, totally what I would wear.



I head down to #hollyhoque 2-3 weeks ago to try on their new arrivals and picked up 2 items too.

This tent dress is another basic that I felt everybody should own. The cutting is very flattering and I love the structured and stuff material which creates the flareness of it. I’m wearing S and it’s slightly snug at the PTP. This will be a piece that I’m keeping!

Another piece that went oos very quickly. I love the mustard for this and I think this is another piece that I’ll rewear a few times. The only problem is that S is quite loose on me, would prefer it if it’s tighter.


The cutting for this #theclosetlover dress is very very big, you won’t believe that I’m wearing XXS here and it’s still quite loose on me. I’ve bought this design and cutting from a few other brands but eventually sold them away because the cutting ain’t flattering. Until this dress happens. I love how the buttons don’t fly open and it’s very flowy when you walk around in it too.

This confetti dress in S, it’s very loose for me but it was oos online and this was the last piece in store. The back is elastic so it’ll get loosen. I love the confetti print of it, sold this piece off and I think I’m on a look out for the XS piece. I need more fuss free dresses like this.

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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lauranomnomnom (avatar)

lauranomnomnom If you are selling the Ruxette Maxi please let me know! I’m definitely interested 😊

1 month ago

mandalogy21 (avatar)

mandalogy21 @lauranomnomnom sure. I will let u know :)

1 month ago

mandalogy21 (avatar)

mandalogy21 @lauranomnomnom I’m selling the dress, can u DM me on IG?

1 month ago

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