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Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation: Pre-launch Invite and Quick Look!

In case anyone missed my post on IG or the website, ShuUemura's Petal Skin Foundation launches in April but will pre-launch on 31 March this Friday at the Shu boutique in ION Orchard.

As the name indicates this is a velvet foundation that aims to also give a beautiful glow without looking shiny or too flat and matte. Like a flower petal. The texture is also very airy and light so you don't see noticeable texture on top of your skin, but it still has pretty good coverage.

I think what impresses me most is how "natural" it looks even though it blurs pores and has decent coverage. The formula is ultra fine.

I mentioned a while ago that the first day I wore it, I thought at the end of the day that there was not much makeup left on my skin but when I wiped with remover a LOT of coverage came off. It's there - it just doesn't look like makeup.

In the before after I was not wearing concealer or primer. It was just the foundation blurring pores and evening out skin.

For me the foundation is the star but if you love a good brush you MIGHT want to check out the Petal 55 at ION from Friday on.

This is like a cross between traditional buffers and those Artis shower-brush shaped brushes.

It is designed to blend and smooth on foundation in a minimal amount of strokes and feels so incredibly soft.

You can use this with other foundations even though it's mainly designed for use with Petal Skin.

The brush retails at $80 and the foundation at $68.

Actually pretty darned good for a high end range and how well they work.

The formula was specifically tested in Singapore cos the brand wanted to be sure it held up in our humid heat. (Is it sad that our weather is an official benchmark for testing foundations?)

I would say this is great for normal and combi, ok for slightly dry and oily. It's not hardcore oil-control like UD All Nighter or KVD Lock-it tho.

It's heat/sweat/humidity resistant but not specifically an oil-control foundation, if that makes sense. Best thing is to try it on and see how it wears and whether you like that finish.

I personally love it cos I want a clean matte but "light" look - not a heavily made up cakey or powdery dull effect. This is for faking good skin basically lol.

I'll put up a more detailed blog post on soon talking about the formula and application.

If you are on the dry to normal side it's not so dry or matte that you can't use it. But you probably won't need to powder much.

For combi and oily gals just powder as usual for best results.

P.S. Shu is inviting everyone to their pre-launch party at ION, 7.30pm on Friday. There will be a live demo and you can see it and feel it for yourself.

AND if you want to be 1 of 10 winners to be gifted with a 50ml bottle of Cleansing Oil at the party, register here soon.

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Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017

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khooanddrea (avatar)

khooanddrea How's the effect applying this Shu Uemura Petal Foundation on with hands or beauty blender?

1 year ago

feuillemort (avatar)

feuillemort @milkpudding omg jialat

1 year ago

khoojy (avatar)

khoojy What are your thoughts on the coverage? Low to medium? Or medium to high? I wanted to try the Petal foundation in Japan last month, but that sales girl told me that it has very low coverage. I have no idea whether is it a communication issue, but I was quite upset I didn't get to try it :(

1 year ago

thatjaybird (avatar)

thatjaybird The pros sounds like MUFE's foundation (natural looking skin) but with the addition of pore blurring action/better finish! Might give this a go :)

1 year ago

aliciachua (avatar)

aliciachua How would you compare this to the Dior forever liquid? Will you recommend this over the Dior one?

1 year ago

yapjingwen (avatar)

yapjingwen What shade are you wearing??

1 year ago

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