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New hauls!l + La Mer 2017 releases

Woot my SUNUV nail lamp just arrived in the post.

This is an LED nail lamp for curing gel polish and acrylic nails.

Btw if you're considering an at-home system, UV lamps are potentially bad for your skin, need bulb replacement every 100 uses, and eat too much power overall, so they're kinda obsolete. LEDs also take 1/2 the time to cure nails compared to UV lamps so do not buy UV lamps.

LED lamps are also cheap now. I got this on Aliexpress for US$20.99. Cheaper than a session at most salons.

And you guys know me. If I can DIY it I will.

I've been meaning to use gel topcoats to seal my nail art cos it's so much stronger than regular polish, and gel topcoats don't mess up chrome powders and holographic nail foils the way regular topcoats can. (Although I still love my Sally Hansen Gel Effect topcoat for when I don't want to use a lamp.)

The only pain is removing gel nails but just make sure you use soak off gel polish and have 10-15mins to spare.

I already booked my mom as my first guinea pig cos she's never tried gel and she has rather brittle nails.

Her polishes chip off super fast after she does house work so she just avoids them.

And yes I do use normal polish under my gel topcoat too. Your manicure may not be as tough as a full gel manicure but it's still gonna be tougher than usual.

Just make sure your polish layers are fully dry before you go on to the gel.

I got my lamp from Aliexpress - sorry for forgetting to mention!

My Makeup Geek duochrome highlighters are also here. And these babies are WORTH IT.

They are US$20 each and the most buttery smooth texture ever. The packaging is also super sleek. Bery Hourglass/TomFord-esque.

The best thing is they are a lot more dimensional than typical highlighters cos of the duochrome pigments, and they are not limited edition. If you wanted the Anastasia kits that are now no longer available, these are just as good. And you can buy a bundle of 3 for $72.

I have Psychedelic, Celestial and Moon Phase swatched here so you can see how fine the texture is, but I also love Lit and a couple of other colors.

The Kathleen Lights x MUG highlighter
trio is a good deal BUT if you are fair to medium-light skintone, it might be too dark for you. 2 of the 3 shades were too deep for me (Chanel/Dior 20,21, MAC NC25) so it may not be good for those with paler or East Asian skin tones. If you have a tan then grab that palette - the pigmentation and formula is 👌🏻

If you were on IG you might have seen this set of brushes as well.


I feel like a 10yr old. These are made by UK lash brand Unicorn Lashes and they go out of stock faster than you can wave your magic wand. For SOME reason I happened to be on late one night when they had this, and I was like "oh yes you are coming home with me".

You can get on the waitlist at They have a blingy gold and red set coming out soon too.

But I kinda like the original pale opalescent horn with a lilac tinge.

Gold doesn't look very unicorn horn like to me for some reason...

The set is £45 (I paid S$82 with free shipping) for 10 brushes in a zip case. Very good price. And the bristles are super soft. Have not washed them but I have had zero shedding so far so I'm expecting them to hold up well.

I was also recently contacted by a new (to me) brand called Kamelia, introducing their Mermaid Matte lip creams (RM39).

This is a Malaysia-based company that operates on Instagram and whatsapp (@kameliacosmetics) and while it might be inconvenient that there isn't a regular site to order from, they are very responsive with enquiries.

Besides super cute scaley boxes and tubes I have to say their color choices are on point.

The neutrals and rosy warm browns are never too ashy.

One problem I find with some lines like Colourpop is that their nudes lean on the ashy/grey side and will go grey when they dry and darken. Which can look a bit sick sometimes on Asian complexions.

Whereas Pearl, Nixie and Venus here have JUST enough warmth to look pretty after they dry. I haven't worn these out for a full day but I had to mention them cos the formulas are pretty bomb.

These aren't as drying as typical liquid to mattes. They contain argan oil and have some flexibility.

So when you smile there is minimal cracking. And they don't feel so dry or set so many shades darker than they look in the tube.

I'm actually pretty darned impressed by how a small company in Malaysia has liquid lipstick that feels better than some of the ones from big US/EU brands.

Of course the hurdle is having to order off their whatsapp line. But check out their IG account if you are curious to see the shades. I'll post more when I shoot FOTDs wearing these out.

I'm also trying this Immortal Elixir from Klarity Aesthetics which is an anti-aging face mist/essence which contains stem cells.

The price is a heart-stopping $350. NOT for the faint of heart. You can bet I'm not misting my facial sponges and eyeshadow brushes with this one!

I used it over the CNY period and it's very hydrating and calming. More hydrating than other mists I've used. It won't just feel like alcohol-free toner. But will need to see if there are noticeable long term benefits.

On my way out to an evening event right now so tried to take a quick phone selfie of my current fave Burberry Liquid Velvet, Military Red. (Ok Fawn is a close second until I can get hold of Oxblood...)

I dunno why my camera keeps turning the red into a fuchsia. Anyway the color is most accurate along my top lip.

Which brings me to another thing I've become addicted to over the new year. My little nieces were the ones who were playing with it and we ended up spending one whole afternoon on it.

Yes - SNOW!!!

Urgh. This app is too silly but it's so fun when you're sitting around with nothing to do. Especially fun with kids.

This is basically Snapchat on crack. I don't actually post anything on my account. I just have too much fun fooling around with the pics.

This is SO silly but hey - it's also mindless fun when you have people around and not much to do.

It's even made me consider drawing on fake freckles for a makeup look.

Come on - we all need photos we will regret 10 yrs later.

Although I get a bit annoyed at how they automatically "enhance" your features. It's a bit like a doctor offering you botox without you even saying you want it. 😪

At the Ritz Carlton suite now for a quick preview of the new La Mer Brilliance White mask and Summer releases for 2017.

First the Brilliance White 2-step mask system.

One to prep and prime the skin with La Mer's miracle broth, then the whitening treatment gel.

Whitening products have a tendency to be slightly drying or sensitizing so this system counteracts that.

The process is slightly different. You apply serum FIRST, then the mask priming lotion. The last step is the lightweight gel cream mask which is non oily.

Then after 8 mins you can wipe off (or massage in) excess and move on to eye cream sunblock etc

The whole system is sold in a kit together with a brush and the products are meant to be used with one another.

This will be available in March at $440.

Next is the Soleil de La Mer collection launching in May at Tangs and Takashimaya SC. The star product for many would be the gorgeous bronzing powder.

This is a luminous matte - not sparkly.

Glowing Body Oil is going to be popular but my money is on the After Sun Enhancer ($195). This whipped body cream has treatment and repair properties for delicate after-sun skin, and also a subtle gold pearl.

This silky spray on body oil contains gold algae ferment and little flecks of gold sparkle for a subtle gleam to the skin. The oil is a blend of vitamin E oil and other goodies to condition the skin.

Spray on legs, arms and shoulders to extend a tan or add a sculpted gleam.

There are also two body lotions - one with sun protection (keep it in your car to apply to exposed arms) and an after sun enhancer to help treat skin after exposure and extend your tan.

Day 33

Thursday, 2 Feb 2017

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februarysushi (avatar)

februarysushi I do my nails at home too! Btw what type of gel soak off solution do you use? I'm currently using a foil type which doesn't remove the gel polish completely :(

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @februarysushi I'm still quite new to this so I'm not the expert yet! I'm using these disposable foil packets that you stick your finger into. But from what I understand they never completely come off like normal polishes. You can only soften them and use a cuticle pusher to gently push the residue off your nail. They don't dissolve away.

1 year ago

itshazelnut (avatar)

itshazelnut If only there were a way to make regular nail polish last! I love nail art but I can't justify the backbreaking hours spent huddled over my nails only to have the polish chip off before the end of the week. And gel polish is a hassle to remove.😪

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @itshazelnut yeah Ikr? The removal is really annoying. But I also hate having things chip, so my "compromise" is regular polish for everything, gel top coat to seal and it's more lasting than usual but not SUCH a pain to remove once you get the top layer softened lol.

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @itshazelnut oh btw i know many nail swatchers use peel off base coats under gel. I haven't tried it myself but it supposedly saves tons of time. The lasting power is pretty good as long as you are not doing a lot of crazy things with your nails.

1 year ago

itshazelnut (avatar)

itshazelnut Oo a peel off base coat sounds interesting! Maybe I'll keep a lookout for it. By the way does a gel effect top coat have a lasting effect at all or does it chip easily like a regular top coat? Just curious about it!

1 year ago

winnilicious (avatar)

winnilicious @makeupbox where did u get the nail lamp?

1 year ago

vainpot (avatar)

vainpot I'm so lazy. I've stopped applying nail polish on my nails, because I dread even the thought of having to remove it once they chip 😂

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @itshazelnut it is thicker than usual but after a few days it will still chip at the edges where it's thinner and there is more stress. Haha but not bad considering it's not gel gel!

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @winnilicious at Aliexpress! Just directly from the manufacturer SUN UV

1 year ago

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