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OFF TO KOREA (continued)

And am I the only one who is simultaneously happy and sad to see dutyfree prices?

$30+ for Tom Ford Lips n Boys lipsticks which are usually $50 each.

And Benefit Gimme Brow is $30+ as well. (Which shocks me cos I realize - dang, it must be really expensive to be just slightly cheaper than a TF Lips n Boys lipstick at DFS.)

But I found a new brow setting trick which costs me a few dollars and works better than even Gimme Brow.

Heard of "soaping"? Yes you run your very slightly damp spoolie brush in a bar of uncolored soap (glycerin is best but I find most ivory colored baby soaps are fine as well), then you comb through your brow hairs.

Perfectly well behaved brows the whole day. You want to make sure your brush is not too wet cos otherwise the soap is very moist and you might rub off any brow pencil or powder you applied underneath.

Some makeup artists use it before powder and pencil but I prefer before soap cos I don't want to mess up the strands and have to recomb again.

Sigh 4 packs of LANEIGE sleeping mask for under $100.

It feels like I stepped back in time and an looking at makeup prices 10-15 yrs ago before inflation made everything look so crazy in Sg.

Ooh pardon me - just realized it crossed 12 and my pics were all loading on a diff day. Anyway I'm about to sign off and head into the boarding gate.

Next time I check in I'll be in Korea. And maybe neck-deep in LANEIGE beauty products soon. We can always dream.

Ciao babes!

Finally - showered and freshened up in the hotel room after a long night.

And I've got a room with a pretty nice view it seems.

The team left a basket of snacks, drinks and amenities in the room.

Such a godsend.

I'm popping this first. I'm not sure it will help lack of sleep but I need al the help I can get right now!

Already pretty impressed by that herbal shampoo for hair loss prevention... Seems targeted at oily sensitive scalps.

Need to find out where I can get mwoarrrr. I'm guessing it's one of Amorepacific's brands?

Choices choices... I'll do a step by step simple tutorial for my gala dinner makeup look once I get back.

Seems the trend among girls here is definitely still downplaying the eyes and cheeks and focusing only on strong mostly matte lips and dewy skin still.

For now I'll enjoy dinner!

Especially this Hanwoo beef sirloin done medium rare. Exactly how I like it.

But the moment of the night HAD to be this.

A surprise appearance by LANEIGE ambassador and muse Song Hye Kyo herself.

The emcee asked her how she maintained her youthful looks (it's no joke - I remember watching My Sassy Girl what - close to 20 yrs ago? And she still looks so young now.)


Her answer was to always think positive and to take care of her skin. As for makeup, she likes natural looking looks most of the time these days as it's more flattering.

But this lady can rock a dark lip and eye look, believe me.

And cos this is a Sparkling Beauty themed camp, there's also a session by writer ans entrepreneur Suyoung Kim, on gaining personal confidence and discovering your individual charm.

Many of us have a tendency to deprecate ourselves and not be fully confident of ourselves.

Even someone who is perfectly poised and beautiful can be held back by a lack of personal confidence.

Suyoung grew up poor in an underprivileged home, dropped out of school and ended up shouldering her family debt all by herself. At 20+ she was diagnosed with cancer and decided to do a bucket list of "crazy dreams" which she systematically went out to fulfill.

Her modus operandi is to say "in spite of" instead of "because of" when thinking of misfortunes.

Her advise is to not be a prisoner of your own mind, and keep thinking your life would be better if you had been born prettier, richer, smarter etc. We are all the product of decades of love and care from our families and we are all limited edition. There is nobody we can compare ourselves to except our past selves.

And we can always be in control and be better versions of ourselves.

Another thing is to ditch needless concerns. We keep creating anxiety by wondering what would happen if we do what we want - and fail.

The 1st reason for anxiety is ignorance. If we make sure we are prepared so the worst case scenarios don't occur, rather than just be passive and wait to see how things go.

And to remember that we are always stronger than we think. We can take a few knocks in life and bounce back.

I love her quote from Chinese philospher Laozi.

If you are living in depression you are living in the past.

If you live in anxiety you are living in the future.

If you live at peace you are living in the present.

Our whole existence is something to be grateful for. We don't need to be perfect and we don't need to please everyone.

Just some food for thought. I'm doing a terrible job summarizing key points - I think we all know these; it's very logical.

But we all need to be reminded cos we keep forgetting them.

She says we need to acknowledge to ourselves that:
"Where I am is the best place. The people close to me are the most precious people."

Haha inner to outer beauty!

Top stylist Hue Yeon Han is a celeb stylist who will be with us throughout the camp and styling all of us for a shoot.

She runs us through a few key looks or styles that are very on trend.

Natural / Denim - a la Alexa Chung

Colorful Silhouette - Miroslama Duma

French and Chic - Emanuelle Alt

She laughs that French and Chic is super hard to style because it's meant to look "effortless" and unstyled - not over the top, but not blah - and that's one of the hardest things to achieve.

Familiar Item - Eva Chen has a mismatched off-kilter style that is very unique in a girl-next-door non fashion mode way.

Mono Chic uses signature black but adds interest with a small colored item or big accessory that pops.

An example of a Mono Chic black-themed look modeled live.

The second look is Elegant Nude.

Next is Fresh Pastels and how to wear it so it doesn't look like you were this chi chi frou frou princess who worked too hard to put your outfit together.

The trick to pastels is to inject a little edgy touch with the rider jacket or a beige trench or a white sweater.

Anything to stop the look from being ALL pastel.

Next is girlish vivid. (That blue outfit with thigh high boots is LIFE! Luv it.)

A quick way to do it is just to wear a bright bag or shoes with a neutral outfit rather than to go all bright.

Tomorrow there is a session where we all get "styled".

Omg i wonder how that's gonna turn out for me. I'm not your average 20+ fashion blogger with skinny limbs and legs up to my neck.

We'll see. Maybe it will be fun.

Day 248

Sunday, 4 Sep 2016

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vainpot (avatar)

vainpot Pixiwoo recommends using Pear soap to comb through the eyebrows. 😁

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @vainpot yeah I was looking for that but can't find it around Watson's and Guardian!

2 years ago

drayna (avatar)

drayna Yeah the hair shampoo is amore pacific's! I first got them as a gift from a Hera purchase hehe cos same parent co :)

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @deoneraynang πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ ok I know where to look out for it

2 years ago

awriann (avatar)

awriann Ooh I love that rose scented shower gel!!!

2 years ago

lmhlmhl (avatar)

lmhlmhl OMG all those snacks 😍

2 years ago

geeekgek (avatar)

geeekgek Have fun in Korea! Looking forward to your updates and haul! Hehe

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @geeekgek πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸΌ

2 years ago

mybigbag (avatar)

mybigbag Hey. Just a slight correction that it's Shilla, not DFS :)

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @lmhlmhl ikr??? I'm trying to be good and eat the non fried stuff only.... πŸ˜“

2 years ago

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