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New Skincare Resolutions Part 2

Skincare resolutions part 2!
Got a bit caught up shooting stuff for a couple of other blog projects over the weekend so had to leave it for today.

(And I left my notes at home so I'm trying to remember all my points!)

6. Get back into face oils.
The craze died down slightly the past year but oils are still VERY worth looking into if you've not tried one or found one that suits you.

And it's not just about moisturizing or protecting the surface unless you are extremely dry. According to some studies it is a great delivery mechanism for skincare because it allows actives to penetrate to the dermis via your oil glands.

So it has become a base for new generation retinol esters and antioxidants.

Brands like NIOD and Sunday Riley have anti-aging oils (I am trying Luna now) that use an oil-based cousin of Retinol, which is gentler but just as effective, and it is based in a light oil which has soothing extracts and counteracts a lot of the drying stinging peeling side-effects of usual retinol serums.

Sunday Riley also has UFO which is an anti acne oil that I am also excited about. Salicylic acid as we know is oil-soluble (that's why it fights clogs and black heads).

UFO is a super light oil designed for oilier skins because it penetrates fast and delivers the exfoliating acids into your pores where you need it.

Also, if you've used Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil you'll know some oils help curb excessive oil production. UFO is a lot lighter than Lotus, and instead of using plant extracts to slowly calm the skin, it is a bit more hardcore in terms of just fixing the symptoms.

Sunday Riley is avail online at FYI.

Luna is a great segway into

7. Get back on to retinols.
Retinoic acid is one of the few things that has so many clinical studies behind it that it is approved by the a&$@-retentive FDA to be called an "anti-aging" ingredient.

It is proven to REVERSE signs of aging by forcing your skin to increase collagen and elastin, speed up cell turnover, reduce hyperpigmentation. It also helps with acne in many people and was originally prescribed for that, until people noticed their wrinkles went away.

The problem is about 50% of people have a negative reaction to retinoic acid (Retin A) so the items we buy over the counter only contain retinol or retinol esters, which the body needs to convert to retinoic acid after application. This isn't a bad thing cos low doses regularly is often as good or better than too much at once followed by a big gap.

I am one of those that is quite sensitive to retinoids. I went out in the sun after using Liquid Gold one night, Luna the other night,

and my skin had been fine but probably sensitized, so even with heliocare and tons of SPF, I still broke out in rashes all over. (Still recovering right now.)

It's not the retinol or glycolic acid I am reacting to technically. My skin looked GREAT before the sun/heat exposure. But I was trying to squeeze in an afternoon jog cos I had an event on that evening, and even the cloudy sky was no help.

I just couldn't tolerate the heat and stimulation. If you are sensitive just be very careful.

I'm still sticking with it once my skin normalizes. Just a bummer that this is Sg and our sunny weather is terrible for more heat-sensitive skins like mine.

Speaking of retinols there are huge price differences. Brands like Paula's Choice and The Ordinary have extremely affordable options at high strength but remember that these lines are very basic and unbuffered to keep the cost low. Meaning they are not too sophisticated. Meaning sensitive skins beware.

8. Mask more!
For a skincare fanatic I am weirdly not into masking. If I have an extra $100 I'd rather invest that in "upgrading" to a stronger serum.

Most wash-off masks give very temp benefits and to me leave on ones are just moisturizers by a different name. I often think you can layer on more to get the same effect if hydration is what you need.

But there ARE a few soothing masks I have been loving now the weather is so hot and I am working out more.

Fresh's Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask is something that sat in my drawer untouched for a while.

Then I finally dug it one a couple of weeks back and tried it. Omg. This has a strange pasty dry texture but about a min in, your face starts to feel super cool and soothed. Air conditioning for your skin. Most other masks go on cool and lose the cool feeling quick.

This hydrates without grease, cools and tones and also has antioxidants. Do I think everyone needs it? Maybe not.

That small jar is smaller than most of their masks, but costs over $100. Definifely just a luxury thing.

Something soothing but much more reasonably priced is this Calendula & Aloe mask from Kiehl's.

I've been really into this for weeks and will often smooth on a layer and forget about it for hours. I once went out with a layer of this on my face without realizing. I just looked dewier than usual lol.

It is very gentle and soothing. The toner is for oily/combi skins but this mask works for dry skins as well due to the hydrating benefits.

9. Take care of my body!
Most of us know about taking skincare down our neck. But even I have not been taking care of my hands. And they look fine still but I realize in photos there are visible freckles and pigmentation because hands are the most abused and exposed parts of our body aside from our face.

So now I apply glycolic acid toner to the backs of my hands and up my arms every other night, sunblock in the day, and I want to also apply retinol serum down my neck and chest and my hands.

Especially with the cheaper no-frills retinol formulas, they are usually affordable enough to apply to other areas, and the skin there is often thick enough to handle the less sophisticated formulas without sensitivity.

Just be careful with the neck because the skin there CAN be a bit thinner and more sensitive.

But I think it's about time to take the anti-aging stuff down the body. And of course when I spray on my SPF50 it goes down my arms and over my neck and chest if exposed.

10. Use the good stuff first!

I have this weird habit of using the cheaper or milder things and "saving" the good stuff for later. I don't like to open new jars when old ones are unfinished.

But! Life is short and we don't know if we are going to be here tomorrow. Not to be morbid but I realize I just use the less satisfying stuff while the good stuff sits and goes bad. There is absolutely zero reason to even though in any other circumstance it's good to be frugal.

Absolutely am not advocating that we spend indiscriminately when things are unfinished.

But if it's ALREADY in your collection, use the good stuff first. If I leave the world tomorrow I want to have tried all the good stuff at my disposal. Plus they have a shelf life; less heartbreaking to throw out that Nivea cream that's gone bad than the Cle de Peau.

And those are my current resolutions! I'm just finding that the stuff I used to do served me well, but past 30, they aren't enough anymore.

Do you have any skincare resolutions or new things you are trying out right now?

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Monday, 21 Aug 2017

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Jothedreamerz (avatar)

Jothedreamerz I used to be really oily until I used the Clarins lotus treatment oil. Very life-changing😌

1 year ago

geeekgek (avatar)

geeekgek Same here! Lol! Trying to use all the more expensive stuff now :)

1 year ago

xxtine (avatar)

xxtine Hello! I have combination/ acne prone skin and I want to try venturing into facial oils. At which step should we incorporate those oil into our skincare routine?

1 year ago

awriann (avatar)

awriann Plz come back 😭😭😭

10 months ago

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