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Dior Summer 2015 Makeup Preview and Swatches

Ladies, it's not displayed and will launch in 2 weeks but if you can't wait, Dior ION Backstage Boutique has the entire Summer 2015 makeup collection in store in limited quantities right now.

That includes these Tie Dye lipsticks, which have a logo-ed "core" in a different color.

Super cute.

These are like balm sticks (if you own any Dior Addict lipsticks you will know) and give a shiny veil of juicy color.

The shades are (from top)

But OMG you really need to check these Nude Tan Tie Dye blushes out.

They come in the signature silver quilted compacts with a pouch and a white-haired kabuki at $95 each.

The 2 shades are 001 Pink Sunrise and 002 Coral Sunset.

The team was telling me about an Indonesian Taitai who ordered 19 pieces LOL.

The 3 polishes are super cute.

These are ice sorbet colors. Raspberry lemon and peach.

There's also a red tinted Tie Dye Topcoat.

And don't forget the Fluidsticks and (yay) a pink tinted Lip Maximizer 007.

From right,

Lipmaximizer 007

There are 2 Diorshow Kohl sticks with the collection; one a gorgeous cyan blue and a golden beige-taupe.

Both are very creamy and pigmented but I didn't get these cos I wanted 2 other cream products. 😏

These 2 Diorshow Fusion Monos in 551 Zenith (pale golden taupe) and 781 Fahrenheit (burgundy brown).

The brown looks dark in the pot but it's very soft and wearable. Both shades are perfect on their own or as bases for the 3 palettes in the collection.

Yes - 3. And I love them all...

The prize of the collection is a re-released 5-couleur neutral Eye Reviver Backstage Pros palette with a dark eyeliner shade.

This has 2 matte shades on the left, and 3 of their usual pigmented silky pearls on the right.

That's the key difference between this and the other 5 Couleur palette 539 Variation Nude (which I also love anyway).

Variation Nude comes in the regular compact and will be available at all counters in May.

This TOTALLY reminds me of Rosy Tan. In fact, I saw it in an image and mistook it for Rosy Tan. 😓

But instead of a pink shade on the top left, 539 has a soft beige.

539 is all shimmery and does not include a liner. If you prefer shimmers go for this.

I'm not a huge fan of having liner in a palette with powder shadows cos the powders always end up falling in and getting stuck in the creams.

Here is the Eye Reviver palette swatched.

I would say this is the more versatile of the 2; not just cos it has a liner, but also because the textures are matte, pearl, and satin. A perfect staple daily eye palette for traveling or neutral lovers cos you can jus bring mascara and that's it.

If you love a gorgeous metallic gleam on your lids though, the 539 palette has them.

I love both, so it really depends on my mood that day. And usually, when you buy Dior shadows, you're looking for great creamy-smooth shimmer shades and - this meets all the criteria. I only wish it was in the permanent collection.

The showcase piece is 556 Contraste Horizon though.

I usually don't go for the ultra-colorful palettes (they're fun but I don't wear them often) but I made an exception for this one.

556 probably looks scary for some of you but the colors are GORGEOUS. And if you think a pale pastel palette is more wearable than this you would be wrong. This group of peacock colors is super-flattering on Asian skins and darker skins. And if you don't use the deep peacock blue, it's actually quite neutral.

There is a single matte shade; a gray-blue which goes on almost violet/pink against the skin sometimes.

And the most pretty ivy green, warm gold, and rich brown. You can wear just those 4 for daytime, and then pop the blue in the outer corners or along your lashes for a contrast at night.

P.s. If you don't wear blues and find them garish, go for either green-blues like this, or dark navies. Those look beautiful against yellow-based skins and can really brighten your complexion.

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Saturday, 18 Apr 2015

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mabel_koh (avatar)

mabel_koh Hyperventilation. breathing heavily. I need the blush. the eye shadow palette. everything.

3 years ago

minzymin (avatar)

minzymin Tie Dye lipstick sounds right up my alley!

3 years ago

paulalogy (avatar)

paulalogy I feel like getting all of them 😱💸 #mustcontrolself

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @paulalogy@mabel_koh ikr??? Omg this collection...

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @minzymin they're really cute! I think they're selling pretty fast, but there will be more stocks in May anyway.

3 years ago

nauci (avatar)

nauci Ugh I'm so broke from vet bills for my cat this year. :( dying for 556 and the Tom Ford limited edition duo eye-shadows!

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @nauci oh no!! Hows your little baby doing?

3 years ago

nauci (avatar)

nauci Grunt is doing quite well! after $7000 of surgery and treatment... He's so darned cute though I don't know what I'd do without him.

3 years ago

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