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Nouveau Red Lips Part 2

Finishing up the red lips post before I go over a few new beauty products to look out for!

#MAC Driven By Love is a Pro Longwear gloss. I'll tell you first that it is thick and sticky. But it also lasts like crazy.

And the color is super intense. Dripping-wet shiny lacquered Maraschino cherry lips. This pic doesn't do it justice. I was in the US and just put it on at the MAC store for fun and left without buying it.

3 separate strangers asked me what I was wearing in the next hour.

I went back and bought it. Duh.

Chanel's Extrait de Gloss in 60 Exces is a warm poppy red sheer tint. The Extraits come in black lacquered tubes and are more pigmented than Aqualumiere or Glossimers, but not exactly opaque.

This is a shade that looks better id you wear it over a nude liner or another lipstick. If you have uneven colored lips like me, this would be visible. But people don't usually look that close so it's usually fine.

Laneige Water Drops Lip Tints seem to keep popping up in my posts...

But I do really like them. Easy to use, flattering colors, and they stay on.

Scarlet Red looks like an orange red in the packaging, but it's a stain so it will develop to a darker shade.

Marc Jacobs 132 Saboteur is the vampiest shade in this bunch. But it's not a fully opaque color. It's creamy and slightly sheer, VERY similar to Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipsticks in texture.

It's plum based, not brown based, so it looks beautiful on most skins.

Then there's YSL Rouge Pur Couture 55 Rouge Anonyme.

It looks tomato red in the tube cis of the shimmer but the actual color is rosy slightly pink hued red.

So you end up with a composite color that is quite neutral and works in most skins. And the subtle pearl is quite pretty without looking too frosty and 80s.

Lastly is #Collistar's Rosso Roma, a deep creamy red that can be built up for intensity.

It's a very basic classic creamy red that's not too blue not too orange not too pink. (Collistar is only available in Sasa if you're in Sg.)

Lastly is a red rose color. Not pink not plum not red but somewhere in between.

Sephora Rouge in 09 Valentine is very fittingly named. And it's very brightening if you're afraid yellow toned reds will make you look sallow or your teeth look yellow.

And that concludes my 12 red lips post finally!

And I'll move on to a few new things that made me go oooh. Some are out now, some soon to launch.

This thing is TOO cute alright???!

Benefit launches Bathina Just Confess You're Obsessed in October (Sorry I JUST found out about the long wait) at $47 and it's a moisturizing fragranced body mist a la Victoria's Secret and BBW but a little - uhm - posher smelling, shall we say?

Notes for this sparkly fruity scent are peach, white blossom and plum.

And this odd thing? It's Benefit Majorette, $46, a soft apricot colored cream to powder blush cum color-boosting and wear-extending base.

I'll swatch this for you guys soon. The stamp/embossing is just too cute and I want to take more pics. This is already out in Sephora if you're curious.

Here's an official shot for u to look at the super cute packaging. Looks like a jumbo macaron.

#Albion Whitening C Charger is an intensive month-long skin brightening treatment that you use once daily for 28 days, or once every other day for almost 2 months.

What it contains is concentrated, fresh vitamin C that is delivered deeper into the skin layers to repair and protect quickly.

Like I always say with antioxidants, don't expect an instant miracle but long term use always pays off.

The question is whether you would pay $99 for a 28-day cycle of treatment ampoules.

I'm waiting to finish a few other skincare product reviews before I start on this cos it replaces your regular serum for a month.

But for now I'll say I'm probably going to be cheapskate and use each ampoule twice. There are 28ml of product; the average bottle of serum has 30ml and many high end ones cost more than $99 so depending on whether you can stretch each ampoule, it might be worth investing in.

Or if you were out in the sun and badly burnt, a 28-day intensive treatment would be good.

Then there's the very interesting mud mask, Powermud by Glamglow.

Based on the concept "like dissolves like" this deep-cleansing non-drying mask purifies pores and then emulsifies like a cleansing oil to lift away grease and waxy build-up.

I like all the Glamglows except Brightmud (stings my eye area like mad; I can't handle it) so I'm quite curious to try this and I'll let you know how it works and what it's good for soon.

$92 is not a small price for a small jar so it has to suit you!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star is one of the recent releases and it's a face and body sugar scrub. I already own the Smoothie Star body "frosting", a whipped body butter that smells like delicious almond candy.

The Breakfast Scrub is so called for the oat and sugar content. I used to love The Face Shop's Black Sugar scrub before they reformulated it and this; OMG it is yummy.

It smells like a fresh canélé; the small cake-like pastry with slightly over-caramelized outsides that are a bit bitter.

Never had one? Go n try it!!!

Good canélé should be fluffy and light textured/colored on the inside, slightly chewy and over-browned outside so you get the toasty caramelized flavor and just a hint of bitterness with the airy chewy lightly sweet insides.

But this is not a food post lol.

And I'm loving my BBW Endless Weekend Candle. BEEE-utiful burn (I wrapped the sides with foil for the first 30mins).

Now the whole bedroom smells like tropical fruits and soft flowers. And just look at the beautiful frosted ombré glass jar when it's lit.

They were still giving out $5 off coupons today so grab one and go back on Saturday when they are 2 for $50. There's an entire body range and an eau de parfum, along with hair spray, body scrub, and a bronze shimmer lotion.

How cute. I almost ALMOST bought this. Then I remembered that I love these simpler fresher scents for fragrancing rooms but I very quickly get bored of wearing them on the body.

I have many bottles of body sprays/splashes just sitting in a cabinet. So I steeled myself and decided not to.

If u can't resist there's also a small purse spray for $15!

Here's the regular body mist. What I love about the range is the bottles are all different looking. The mist, hair spray, triple moisture creme, lotion, perfume, candles, etc. they all share the same theme but the graphics are not identical.

I'm also impressed they did a beach spray of sorts. It's npt just a hair fragrance.

It contains argan oil and texturizers to give u "tousled beach waves". I'm not sure if it works as well as bumble & bumble surf spray but it's fun and smells good!

On the home front, meet my new candle warmer from Yankee.

This is supposed to be safer, cleaner, and healthier than burning candles (soot and an open flame).

Of course you don't get the ambience of a flickering candle but if you want to leave a candle melting overnight or get to the last bits at the bottom when you can't light the wicks anymore, this is useful.

Also there are some fragrances that smell smoky when burnt. A warmer will give a cleaner scent.

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Thursday, 28 Aug 2014

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misadventurer (avatar)

misadventurer Saboteur is beautiful! Also the scarlet red looks like papaya kinda shade in this picture!

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @misadventurer haha! Papaya is a good comparison! It's slightly deeper than papaya. When I took the pic it was freshly applied so not as dark as it will get in about 10-15 mins

3 years ago

starry (avatar)

starry Iove the saboteur color and laneige color. V tempting to consider these!

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @starry saboteur looks scary but a lot of people can pull off dark plummy lips well!

3 years ago

mabel_koh (avatar)

mabel_koh Just want to ask if 13rushes flat top buffer is better or Sigma Flat top kabuki or Make Up For ever buffer 😂

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @mabel_koh i find the 13rushes a big softer/fluffier and easier to clean than Sigma. The Make Up For Ever is very soft, but that also means it can't buff and blend as quickly as the other 2.

3 years ago

mabel_koh (avatar)

mabel_koh Ok thank you 😂 both are quite affordable though.

3 years ago

radiahluron (avatar)

radiahluron Love these two posts.. :) Ps. Can you do one post on most pigmented eyeshadows?

3 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @radiahluron Sure! Are there specific colors you are interested in? That will help me narrow it down a bit.

3 years ago

radiahluron (avatar)

radiahluron Colours that can be used on brides perhaps? Warm colours I guess.. :)

3 years ago

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