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A few fragrances in my current rotation

This isn't the season for a ton of fragrance releases but I've suddenly gotten into a bunch of new and old fragrances and I am quite nuts with them.

Just this morning I sprayed Dior Hypnotic Poison on my arms. 15mins later I decided I had to spritz Juicy Couture on my wrists. Then before I left the house I decided I wanted to smell something floral so I rolled a bit of Chloé Love Story on the backs of my hands.

I am probably trailing toxic fumes behind me now.

If I had to sum up my current faves (the smells I happen to crave more right now) though, the overwhelming majority would probably be bright fruity or bright floral scents. Yes. Girly stuff.

I dunno if my tastes change depending on weather or my mood. Probably both.

I usually like woods and musk and resins. Darker stuff. But these days I'm doing a 180 with the cliché happy scents.

Go figure.

And speaking of Juicy Couture I do own Viva La Juicy and quite a number of the flankers.

It's the most cliché girly scent in the world. If there was an "Ah-Lian" of fragrances it would be Viva La Juicy.

But like it or not, it's young and fun and girly and strangely likable even though it's also a bit generic. (And a lot of people around me like the smell so that's a major plus.)

Some people still find Viva La Juicy a bit sweet tho (it's fruity floral with a bit of caramel).

So they were smart and came up with some variations.

There is a rose version which is nice, and the Hollywood Royalty one is also more crisp and sparkly. (Added apples and pears and no caramel.)

This one is limited edition though so if you are interested sniff it at Sephora or department stores before it's gone.

If you LOVE the original but want to mute the florals a bit and get to the sweet yummy parts Viva La Juicy Gold Couture is the one for you.

This smells like the dry-down of the original, after the citrus and tuberose and gardenia is gone. You have this soft warm cuddly fruit and caramel fragrance with just a bit of flowers.

It's sweet but it's not super loud and strong if you know what I mean. The hub doesn't like vanilla but he actually likes this.

And if you want something EVEN more straightforward and sugary girly there is the new Sucré (Sugar) version.

This is straight up Barbie's perfume. Red currants and cupcake frosting. No joke. But it's not sickening fake flavoring type of sweet - it's quite nice.

The cupcake bottle is just over the top; all of the Juicy bottles are borderline-tacky but this takes the cake. I'm always torn between liking how unapologetically fun they are and how CHILDISH it all seems.

Speaking of cheap and fun, I pulled out this old bottle of BBW Pear & Cashmere Wood which is part of their Fall/Autumn releases. Sadly the local BBW stores tend to skip a lot of Fall releases and go straight to the holiday stuff at the end of the year.

I bought this a couple of yrs ago on the US and never remembered to use it. But I've been dousing myself with this when I sit around at my work desk. It's such a simple but uplifting juicy pear scent.

On the slightly more grown-up front, I've been loving Byredo's Gypsy Water.

This is a cult fave from this Skandinavian niche perfume brand, and it's a strange balance of fresh clean and cologne-y, vs soft warm and cuddly.

There is a citrus and pine opening that makes it smell very crystalline and clean when you spray it. Then it slowly blends into your skin and warms up to a fuzzy ambery soft skin-scent. I don't know why but I think of Cate Blanchett. Blonde, brisk, cool but with personality.

Speaking of unique "clean" scents, dsquared has some gorgeous wood based scents that evoke the forests and woodlands of the designers' home country Canada.

She Wood is their signature scent and they had a few flankers over the yrs. My fave is Velvet Forest Wood but this one has sadly been discontinued. I still recommend trying the other Woods.

They don't smell like a table or a pencil. Just clean and soft and minimalist but incredibly pleasant. Like a cool breezy day.

Also, one of Chanel's less known scents Cristalle Eau Verte.

This is like a spritz of fresh lemon in soda water. A non-sugary, zingy, pick-me-up scent. It smells like men's cologne without the usual woody musky base. Just the airy sparkly topnotes and the barest hint of femininity and flowers in the dry-down.

Super casual, but also super sophisticated and expensive. Like the sort of girl that spends Sunday chilling on a yacht.

But most days now, I do want something floral.

This is an old rollerball of Chloé's Love Story that was sitting around for unused a long time. I mistook it for the original rosy Chloe and put it in my purse one day, then realized after I put it on that I REALLY enjoyed the smell.

This is a sweet white floral scent. Madagascan jasmine, orange blossom and neroli. A super super pretty floral with a bright fruity edge that has strength. I imagine women walking down the aisle wearing this.

Another staple in my purse is Dior's Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

I've worn this so much that I stopped using it for awhile cos I just couldn't appreciate it anymore. (One reason I can never have a signature scent - I stop enjoying them after wearing them too much.)

This is my purse spray version. I have a regular bottle in my cabinet as well but I never feel like reaching for it when I look at all my perfumes so having a handy spray with me forces me to use it.

And the spray is cute!

It looks like a humongous Rouge Dior lipstick tube until you twist the cap to extend the sprayer.

I'm almost through my second refill. These are super handy.

And perfumes you can carry around for touch-ups are perfumes you are more likely to finish up.

Which is not something I can do with those crazy Viva La Juicy bottles. Sigh.

On the less expensive side there is one floral scent I've been really enjoying a lot too.

If you like rose scents check out Yves Rocher. They have Moment de Bonheur which is almost a dupe for Chloe eau de parfum. And Comme un Evidence here is another gorgeous rose with a sweeter richer feel.

There is jasmine which gives it a slightly fruity feel and the type of rose (Damascus) use also has a fruity tang. It's considered a heavier darker rose though. Somewhat like Lancome Tresor in Love.

As for my "going somewhere nice" scent right now, it's back to classic J'Adore.

This white florals and rose scent has an bright freshness despite it sounding like there is a huge load of flowers. It does not smell grandma-ish to me AT ALL. The flowers are bright but quite translucent.

Somehow when I want to smell classy but not too formal, fresh but not too girly, this is a foolproof scent that most people will find pleasant and elegant. Smells posh but relaxed, which is rare.

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Sunday, 5 Mar 2017

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brown (avatar)

brown do you have any tips to make your perfume lasting? normally the smell sort of died off on my after 1 hour or so, but some people just seems to be able to smell good all day. :S

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @brown sometimes it's to do with how dry your skin is. You can try spraying over unscented lotion so it evaporates slower, or else mist your hair and clothes so it lasts a long long time! But remember sometimes we become anosmic to the scents we wear and stop smelling them ourselves (which is annoying cos we want to enjoy the fragrances we like). Maybe check with people around you to see if they can detect your scent first?

1 year ago

Jothedreamerz (avatar)

Jothedreamerz Hello, can I find out where did you get the love story roller ball?:)

1 year ago

peoneve (avatar)

peoneve Omg dayre should totally have more hashtags for perfume! Loving your review as a big perfumer myself. Thank you so much for sharing!

1 year ago

jforjiayan (avatar)

jforjiayan I'm impressed with you how described all the scents!! It's like I can smell them while I'm reading it hahahah

1 year ago

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