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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact. Worth a try? Here's a quick low-down on the new release.

This is available in 6 shades and is an Asia-exclusive release. Yes only Asian markets. I will say the shade range is one of the better ones among cushions in that it's reasonably spread between fair to dark, and like most Bobbi foundations they are nicely neutral with a slight lean towards yellow - which tends to be more flattering on a wide range of skins.

Before I go any further I do want to say I have a post up on if you want to see high res images.


Back to the product: the Bobbi Brown Cushion Compact is priced at $54 for the single refill + puff, and $21 for the empty case. So it IS one of the most pricey options on the market, along with YSL's Le Cushion Encre de Peau.

Dior's is $109 but comes with 2 cushions and a case. The same for BB would cost $129.

I'm not really saying you should choose the Dior's over the Bobbi. (Honestly if you want max bang for buck don't use cushions at all - most people don't realize how little they are getting for their money with cushions.)

The important thing is how the compact works, what the formula is like and whether that makes sense for the individual budget and lifestyle.

I'll say right out - I like this formula. They come in espresso capsules cos they DO contain caffeine, among other skincare ingredients.

I kinda wish more foundations and concealers contained some caffeine because it's a perk-up in the mornings.

It tightens, depuffs, and also has antioxidant properties. It's in a lot of skincare products and I think it's a bit odd we don't find it in more foundations.

This foundation is hydrating - but it's not ultra-dewy and slimy feeling. It takes a few mins to set but it DOES set to a satiny glow. Not demi-matte like YSL's but not as shiny as typical cushions.

It promises to resist creasing fading and smearing, and control a bit of oil even while it hydrates.

I did find the staying power pretty alright. More like a regular foundation than a cushion. Not sure how well it can do on very oily skin but it did stay intact and looked good on my normal to slightly oily Tzone. Not matte but the grease won't be out of control if you know what I mean.

The sponge itself is also quite different from the usual in that it's not soaked through with a light liquid.

The foundation is more of a cream to liquid texture and it is under the sponge so you only dispense a bit with every tap. The bulk of the product is not exposed and a little less likely to dry out.

Cos I'm weird like that, I decided to try and lift the cushion to see the foundation.

Tadaaa. It's a thicker gel-cream as mentioned. But it melts into the skin upon contact and feels very light.

Coverage for this foundation is medium-sheer. You can build it up but I find the formula doesn't build up as well as typical Korean cushions if you use the puff. Not a problem with the puff. It's just the formula. I found it easier just using a clean finger to tap on more coverage where needed.

A quick before...

And the after.

You can see it does "perfect" the skin. And strangely it turned out a bit less dewy on camera than I expected.

It initially went on quite dewy. I did not notice much oxidation through the day and it DID strangely seem to not get shiny despite being a moisturizing formula. I need to test both side by side and let you know but it almost felt like this set and lasted better than YSL's.

Do give it a couple of minutes before you apply powder for best results.

One good thing is this plays nice with powder. I find a lot of very dewy Korean and Japanese cushions tend to cake up when you apply powder.

Then after a few hours in and out of humid heat everything pools and cakes around large open pores.

The premise is you can skip powder and bring the compact out for a touch up every few hours. BUT I just want it to LAST you know?

And not many girls I know will walk out the door in Singapore without a little powder to set their base.

If you give this a couple of mins to set it goes velvety to the touch. No tackiness, no shine coming off on your fingers. (Unless you used a really heavy moisturizer or sunblock beneath that is.)

And powder goes on beautifully over it after that.

I do have one big recommendation regardless of whether you want to try the cushion compact or not.

The Nude Finish Illuminating Powder. I recommend getting 1-2 shades lighter. Cos I recommend this as an illuminator, not a setting powder. There are tiny sparkles which are visible up-close when applied. And that's ok from afar but not if you don't want "twinkly skin". It won't emphasize pores cos it's not pearlescent. But it is matte with teeny sparkles.

And it makes a fab matte highlight.

I topped my Skin Finish Cushion Compact with Porcelain, the palest shade, on the cheekbones, brow bones, nose bridge, and it doesn't look like I applied something metallic or shiny, but it really illuminates and has a super-subtle gossamer sparkle.

(Highlighted but not greasy looking or powdery and matte.)

It can work under the eyes to set concealer as well. If you use it all over be prepared for a little bit of sparkle when people come close in strong light.

One last add-on which I totally forgot to mention!

Ladies in Singapore, there will be a promo at Takashimaya (at the atrium on the beauty level) 24-30 March where the cushion will launch first in Singapore.

The Bobbi Brown display there will be offering 2 x cushions and a case for the promo price of $108 (instead of $129). Basically buy 2 cushion refills and get the case free.

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Monday, 7 Mar 2016

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vainpot (avatar)

vainpot I don't understand why brands would want to make certain products region-specific. 😕

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @vainpot yeah I found this a bit strange because cushions are so big in the West now too. Whereas the Asian market is a bit saturated already. But I do hear they are intending to do something similar in the Western markets in the future although I don't have any more info. It will be a different product but along the same lines.

2 years ago

sittingbeforeflowers (avatar)

sittingbeforeflowers Hi Candice! Sorry, this is irrelevant to your post but what do you think of Paula's Choice products for my rosacea? Since I couldn't get my hands on the la roche posay or avene redness range ;(

2 years ago

shania (avatar)

shania How would u compare this to sulwashoo cushion?

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @amorfati oh nooo bummer!! PC is okay - but I didn't find her soothing/sensitive products all that moisturizing or great. They were just very basic - but that's just me! I would actually check out Origins Dr Andrew Weil first before ordering anythg online. Their products are quite good for sensitive skin and you can try and ask them for samples just to try out first.

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @shania if you have oily skin or combination areas the Sulwhasoo can separate sometimes - it's more suited for normal to dry skins in my opinion. The Bobbi definitely worked better on my oilier areas and I like how it lasted through the day.

2 years ago

fairestlight (avatar)

fairestlight Aiyo! Bobbi brown is taking my $$ this season. Lol!

2 years ago

evexx (avatar)

evexx Hello! Do u already have a Korean skincare/cosmetic post that I can refer to? Thanks!

2 years ago

Hajimemashite (avatar)

Hajimemashite Have you tried the April Snow Skin Cushion before? Would like to know your take on it! it cakes on my skin after some time. idk if it's not suitable or Im just not good at spreading it thinly. x.x

2 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @jayse I haven't tried that one sorry! But it's probably that it's a bit too moist and doesn't fully set. Once your skin's own sebum and sweat mixes with it it starts to break down. Cushions are supposed to be able to be "built up" for more coverage so it's probably not because you didn't apply it thin enough! If you apply skincare underneath yoi can try using a less moisturizing lotion to see if that helps cut down the amount of moisture on your skin.

2 years ago

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