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Pro Yellow Laser for Freckle and Vein Removal at Mizu Aesthetic - My Recent Experience!

Hey babes, finally back and wanted to report on my recent experience with Quadrosrar ProYellow Laser (Yellow Laser for short), which has become one of the top laser treatments for removal of surface skin pigmentation and obvious veins.

We love the "no-makeup makeup" look but it's so hard to achieve that effortless + flawless effect sometimes.

Especially as you get older or if you don't spend much time taking care of your skin, it takes a long time to recover after sun exposure, dehydration, acne.

Little issues like freckles and uneven pigmentation take months to, or worse - never - go away.

And I don't like how heavy foundation textures look on my skin these days but lightweight textures don't cover all the unevenness. Hence the dilemma.

I'd been curious about Pro Yellow Laser since I spoke to Dr YZ Tan at Mizu Aesthetic about freckles, uneven pigmentation and dilated blood vessels on my face a few months back.

Yellow Laser sounded like a perfect thing to try as it took care of both these things and would mean clearer brighter looking skin and less "cover up" makeup.

I love my Sloane S6.5 White Plasma for fading marks and uneven tone but it only treats symptoms.

If I stop using it for awhile I notice the non-acne pigmentation marks like freckles and faint darker patches around my cheekbones come back after awhile.

I have little experience with lasers so I was actually a bit scared to even consider it previously. I was most concerned about
1. how painful it might be
2. how much downtime there is
3. whether the pigmentation would come back worse than before

I remember my mom and aunts coming back with red raw skin only to see their hyper-pigmentation get worse after a few months.

Turns out traditional 532nm laser can leave Asian skin more vulnerable to hyper-pigmentation. Yikes.

But after considering Dr Tan's extensive experience with this laser and reading reviews of it's effectiveness and safety, I decided to try it.

This is becoming very popular for pigmentation, rosacea and red acne marks because it uses a specific 577nm wavelength which is gentler, safer and penetrates deeper into skin to target underlying issues.

Aside from brighter, clearer skin in a few days, and the immediate shrinking of dilated blood vessels without damaging capillaries, yellow light has a side benefit of killing acne bacteria and reducing skin inflammation. It also shrinks oil glands, which makes pores smaller and skin less oily.

Yes ladies - smaller less overactive oil glands.

Besides that, the energy is also absorbed deeper into the dermis where it stimulates the support structure for a subtle firming effect.

So last week I headed down to the newly refurbished clinic at Marina Bay Link Mall B2-12

The sessions typically take around 20-30 mins, so many people get it done during lunch breaks and go back to work since there is no down-time.

Do be prepared for a bit of discomfort since it is a laser after all. Numbing cream is not applied for yellow laser treatment as it interferes with the effectiveness of the laser, so there WILL be some pain from the heat even though it doesn't burn the skin.

P.S. For those who didn't know, Mizu Aesthetic is the newly rebranded Simplistiq, where I go for my jaw reduction botox.

Besides the typical fillers and botulinum they also offer a whole host of facial treatments and skincare products as well. (More on that later!)

There are different intensity levels for different pain thresholds though Dr Tan explained lower settings will mean more sessions are needed to achieve the same results.

Dr Tan tried the medium setting on me first, and I found that tolerable so he dialed it up to a med-high, which is typically pretty good if you want results after one session.

A scanner handpiece is used for larger areas and diffused pigmentation, while a smaller handpiece is used for tight areas or targeting spots.

Dr Tan did a single pass over the thinner skin on the forehead, and two passes from chin to the upper cheek area. I can't say it was enjoyable because you will feel heat penetrate your skin in quick needle-like pulses. But the only bits that were really painful for me were the thin sections under the eyes and along the nasolabial area.

Dr Tan did remind me many times I could tell him if it got too painful and he would dial down the intensity, but it didn't really get so intolerable that I had to because each section of the skin is treated only a few seconds.

When my treatment was over, there was little pink flush around parts of my cheeks but I really looked like I could have just rubbed my face or had a workout.

By the time my cab reached home, there was no redness left.

With Yellow Laser, it is typical to see spots and pigmentation get a little deeper before the surface layers of skin (and the spots) shed right off. So don't be alarmed if your freckles seem more visible immediately after. The enlarged veins around my nostrils were noticeably reduced right after treatment though.

(DO take care of your skin and wear good SPF... no sense lasering then damaging it with more sun.)

It's only been a few days but I have to say I'm very happy with the results.

I can't show you dramatic results cos I will get it taken care of before it gets bad LOL. But you can find many before afters for Yellow Laser online.

For me, almost from the next morning my skin looked like it was glowing and more translucent (usually only happens after a bit of clever BB cream and concealing). Maybe the most exciting thing over the next two days was seeing little brown freckles and spots LITERALLY shedding and rubbing off from natural skin turnover.


The weather is blowing hot and cold right now. This can make regular thick base makeup cakey or dry. So I am really into wearing just a BB cream and concealer most days. I used to have to still add concealer on darker areas and marks around my cheeks that BB cream isn't able to cover, but now it's such a luxury to skip that and just apply undereye concealer.

If you are prepping for a big day I suggest getting Yellow Laser about 4-7 days before that for more visible results.

Some people see results in a single session but multiple treatments are done about 4-6 weeks apart for more serious pigmentation and vascular issues.

Optimal results for more stubborn pigmentation can take up to 4 treatments.

Wish I'd discovered this before my wedding cos it's such a quick skin boost and would have taken care of a number of things that I covered up with makeup.

If you also want other treatments like botox or fillers on the same day, these can be done AFTER the laser, as the heat will affect those.

I did get a little botulinum touch-up after my session. If you look close you can see a little pink on my lower cheek area and some slight dark spots which were actually existing broken capillaries (which are mostly no longer visible now). My skin was completely fine afterwards and you can slap on some BB Cream and get right on with your day.

This brings me to the final thing: cost.

Laser is not cheap generally. A la carte pricing is S$400 but Mizu has a trial price for beginners starting at $180. If you're one of the lucky people with just some minor freckles to remove, that can be done in one session at $250 flat.

It's best to get a consultation to find out if it will address your issues and more accurate pricing for you.

You can give the clinic a call at 6634 4033 or whatsapp them for a chat at 9384 8915 for more details.

While we are on the topic of Mizu, I'm not sure how many of you have tried hydrafacials?

Despite the "facial" in the name, this isn't a simple cleanse massage and hydrate process.

It's a full-on customizable skin resurfacing treatment that can cleanse, exfoliate, extract or hydrate, while infusing skin with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. It all depends on your needs.

If you're curious, there are many videos on Youtube demonstrating how it works.

If you love high-performance aesthetic facials or have been meaning to check it out, heads up because there's a Hydrafacial promotion from 20-22 July.

Instead of $180 the sessions are going to be $120 during the promo period.

AGAIN, you should have a chat with the pros to find out if and which hydrafacial solution would be best suited to you and what package prices are.

If you just want a good skin-quickie and don't need laser you can check this out while it's on promotion.

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Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017

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jt123 (avatar)

jt123 Hi babe, have you tried HIFU before? Wonder whats it's performance like for slimming of the face.
Also can you reveal what's the price like at Mizu for Jaw slimming Botox and filler?

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @jt123 hey I havent tried HIFU yet but @evonnz has and I remember remarking about how small her face looked. You might want to check with her for her personal experience! As for the jaw slimming botox its $599.

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @jt123 as for the fillers it really depends how much the individual needs and which type of fillers. I havent tried it myself but just checked with them; for comparison purposes they charge $750 per ml for HA fillers and $890 per ml for tyosal which is supposed to be much better suited for undereye areas.

1 year ago

jt123 (avatar)

jt123 Thanks babe!! @makeupbox

1 year ago

minzymin (avatar)

minzymin I have been waiting for you to try laser omg!

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @minzymin yeah I've been afraid to!! But would def recommend Yellow Laser for less severe pigmentation and some redness. Fast results and not so painful!

1 year ago

mylinhhh (avatar)

mylinhhh Missed your posts!!! 😍 I wish skincare was this innovative in the U.S.! if ever I visited Asia, I must do these sort of laser treatments and treat myself to the facials 😁

1 year ago

0seven7 (avatar)

0seven7 chanced upon ur post! how did your jaw reduction procedure with mizu go? was it good? (:

11 months ago

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