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Kiehls, Daniel Sandler and Jun Jihyun lips!

A few product highlights coming up today!
I do a full step by step coverage demo of #Kiehls new Active Correcting & Beautifying BB and the new Micro Blur Skin Perfector (launching May) which - unlike other matte primers - is supposed to help refine pores.

There's also some #DanielSandler face products I got during an #ASOS sale a while back! If you're as curious to find out what the fuss is about over this British Boy Wonder's award-winning "watercolour" blushes, stay tuned!

And oh ya.
You wanna know why that bright #kstyle pink-coral #lipstick didn't look as good on you as it did on #JunJihyun? (Aside from the fact that she's got incredible lips and skin...)

It's not a case of slapping it on. There is a specific reason she looks like her and not Nicki Minaj even though the actual shades they wear (neon coral, hot pink) are VERY very similar.

I'm going to tell you HOW you can make it more flattering and not too clownish!

First the Kiehl's products.
I did a mini review of the BB when I just received it but didn't do an actual demo.
Today I'll do that!

In case you haven't noticed the brand's launched their own #BB range in April ($52, 3 shades in #sg). It's completely fragrance free, stays color-true, has real broad spectrum protection (many of the older #korean BBs don't have adequate UVA protection; this has level 3 PA+++ rating), and a high concentration of stabilized vit C to even/brighten the skin.

There's also the Micro-Blur Skin Perfector.
More than one brand has these pore/line-blurring primers but this one tries to refine your skin at the same time.

Finish of both is dewy initially, so when I first applied the perfector on my face I thought "its not matte!"

It's a bit small so if you want to see ALL my pores and veins go to lol.
1 layer gives light coverage and just evens out the skin tone
2 layers (pat the 2nd layer on; don't rub) does cover small blemishes)

The finish of the BB is very dewy though. You've been warned! It doesn't FEEL oily but you will need concealer if you have oily blemished skin. This won't cover a zit.

The Micro-Blur I really like. It should be the last step of skincare before foundation.

In summary, there is LHA, which is a very gentle but effective surface exfoliant that is less irritating than other acids. Longterm use not only smooths the skin and encourages turnover but also firms the skin.
There's also lentil extract which is supposed to firm slack pore walls.

Not the most mattifying #primer but I usually use primers to extend foundation wear or for skin treatment properties. And this does both. You know I prefer blotting papers to mattify.

If you use...

1. A Dewy BB like Kiehl's and want to take down shine:
skincare -> BB -> Micro-Blur -> Concealer -> Powder

2. A matte BB or regular foundation:
Skincare -> Micro-Blur -> BB or foundation -> Concealer -> Powder

Kiehl's recommends (1) but I prefer (2) personally. I don't care about the temp matte effect. I'd rather get more of the active ingredients into my skin instead of blocking it off with an additional layer of BB!

Now! Onto these babies!!
If you watch a lot of UK vloggers on Youtube you might have already seen or tried this range.

The key item in this line to check out first are the Watercolour Blushes (Sg$37.51 on ASOS).
These are not stains like #Benefit's or HD creams like #MakeUpForEver's. They're pigments suspended in a liquid which feels slippery smooth and evaporates like "dry oil". So the product goes from liquid to creamy to powder when all the solvents evaporate.

Despite how they look each is the size of 15ml eye drops. Pretty small. BUT you should use 1-2 drops per cheek. Don't need too much product each time.

Shake before use!
Unlike cream blushes this won't feel or look dewy/greasy. In fact I think it's fantastic for oily skins. And unlike liquid cheekstains, you have plenty of time to smooth and blend these out before they dry so they won't dry streaky or uneven.

That wins major points.

You can see how matte the matte ones dry (Flush, Cherub) but unlike powder blushes they stay on longer. I still love powder blushes for better control but these would be sooo good on vacation. No brush needed.

Next is the Radiant Sheen Illuminating Face Powder Sg$67.77. (I'll talk about the Sculpt and Slim powder another day in its own post!)

Super high-shine so use a very light hand. You get 4 shades for different effects, but what I like most is that it's also recommended as an #eyeshadow palette as well.

Tip: If you want a subtler sheen, tap your brush in regular face powder, then this, then face powder again, before applying to the face. This "sandwiching" sheers out the shine.

Swatches here!
The texture of DS powders is very very silky. I find these similar in concept to #TooFaced's Snow Bunny powder. But the shades are creamier and not as golden.

If you're interested in checking out DS, remember ships internationally for free and my stuff came in about a week. Shockingly fast. (Of course it might just be a fluke.)

They don't stock the full range but it's good enough!

Just a quick note on Sculpt and Slim cos I loove the color of the #contouring shade.
It's a great taupe and has got enough grey in there to look more like real shading when you use it to contour.
You can use it to deepen the socket, define the sides of your nose, emphasize cheekbones and slim the jawline. The highlight shade can go on cheekbones, nosebridge, cupid's bow of lip, and brow bone.

Don't go overboard of course! A little goes a long way when it comes to sculpting!

And now... Bright lip time... Let me preface by saying I love Nicki Minaj.

I love her guts. I love her talent. Her "go big or go home" out-there style. And I love her wigs.

But I don't necessarily want to wear #makeup her way.

I remember 4-5 yrs ago it was hard to find bright lipsticks from most brands and people just stuck with safe colors. So I'm super happy #kstars have made neon colors more acceptable to the masses now.

But all those pple happily hyping #YSL No52 forgot to mention applying it normally makes most people look more like Nicki than Jihyun.

For those of us who prefer subtle eyes and cheeks but are attracted to bright lips, there's no better way than the #kstyle method.

Wear it as an #ombre stain.

Tip: to get a similar effect to Jihyun you need to adjust the lip color. If you're not as pale as her the same lip shade won't work the same on you.
I'm doing this demo with
1. Nude lipliner that isn't too pink or dark
2. A bright coral-pink gloss

The same method works with a lipstick but I'd suggest a pigmented gloss like a #Lancome Lip Lover (out May in Sg) 1st until you know what shade of bright coral is best on you since bright glosses are more flattering on a range of skintones.

Don't just smoosh your lips together. That makes a mess.
Imagine biting your lips together from inside.

You want to transfer just a bit of the coral color onto the top and there should be more in the center of the lips than the top edges.

That's why you might want to dab the top of your lips gently to remove gloss.

Tip: gloss is transparent so your lipcolor will show through. To get that bright coral pink I used 336 which looks orangey coral. It goes on more pinky on the lips.

I exaggerated the ombre effect for demo purposes. U don't need the nude portion to be as big.

Why does this work?
That border of nude/neutral color partitions your skin and the bright color so that it doesn't dull/darken your skin. But cos you are doing a soft ombre and not a line around the edge, people notice the bright lipcolor more than the pencil.

Jihyun sometimes does different ombres (nude at the sides or around edges). But if your lower lip isn't full this effect is most flattering.

She uses lipstick instead of gloss and it can be any color from soft pink to fuchsia to bright orange. But it's almost always "faded away" or neutral at the top edge and bright in the center.
If you have full/rosy lips like her you can even try skipping the liner. (If have thin/pale lips and skip it the ombre effect can make your lips look thinner).

Just experiment!

P.S. when she wears soft nude tones or a classic red she doesn't do any ombre.)

Last image to leave you with. A few suggestions/examples of bright shades.

1. Beginner shades are translucent or deeper toned, and work on everyone.
2. Intermediate shades are the richer more vibrant ones. They seem bright but are still deep and strong enough to flatter and brighten the face.
3. The hardest to pull off are milky brights and true neons; the wrong shades can make you look sallow or orange.

The ultimate neon+milky is Viva Glam Nicki. But of course.

Day 113

Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014

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winnilicious (avatar)

winnilicious I was contemplating to buy the bb cream. @makeupbox but I like the micro blur

5 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @winnilicious its a good BB and a great tinted replacement for their regular block, but yeah I feel the micro-blur is more interesting!

5 years ago

paulalogy (avatar)

paulalogy @makeupbox Great tip on the sandwich method to control shimmer on the face. Now why haven't I thought of it before haha! Thanks Candice, will now bring out my shimmery face powders and try them again without the fear of looking like a disco ball ✨

5 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @paulalogy Haha yeah some of those powders are super shimmery. No way to wear alone in real life without looking a bit weird!

5 years ago

peixuanlam (avatar)

peixuanlam Wow your asos stuff arrives in a week? Mine always takes about 2-3weeks!! 😓

5 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @peixuanlam Yeah I was expecting 2-3 weeks! Dunno wat happened!

5 years ago

peixuanlam (avatar)

peixuanlam @makeupbox maybe your order exceeded a certain amount and they gave you free express shipping! 😆😙

5 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @peixuanlam Hahaha no la standard free shipping!

5 years ago

fairestlight (avatar)

fairestlight Been waiting for the whole day for your lips tutorial!! Gonna try it. One thing, which nude lip liner would u recommend??

5 years ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @winnieheng Hahaha must save something to post at the end!! If your lips are quite rosy UrbanDecay Illegal is good. If like mine (no color) Boots No7 Nude and Givenchy No3 are good!

5 years ago

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