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Products I'm Plowing Through (Mostly Skincare)

It's not often that I finish products but I sometimes take a quick pic of things I'm about to throw out so I can remind myself what items I actually use the most LOL.

I think what gets finished the fastest is without a doubt cleansing waters. I think thorough cleansing is super important and when using liquid removers you should try to soak your cotton pads to maximize breakdown of makeup and minimize rubbing. So I don't skimp on cleansing waters because I use these to remove my eye makeup.

I prob go through at least 8 bottles of micellar water a year. No joke. Sometimes I mix it up with bifacil (oil on water) removers.

I will also switch to a cream cleanser with a muslin cloth for the face (despite the general preference for foaming washes, creams actually are proven to clean just as well if not better) but I still use liquid on my eyes cos I often wear liner on my waterline.

I tried all the Bifesta formulas and with the exception of the oily skin one I like all the rest.

The oily skin one contains something that makes my eyes sting a bit so that's the main reason I don't like it.

My other staple is obviously Bioderma, which has gotten more accessible in recent years. I still have a couple of large bottles in storage.

I also recently used up a bottle of the soothing Garnier micellar water. It's ok. I mean - it does what it says. Nothing out of the norm.

But I find the bottle size so small that it's gone in no time and I probably wouldn't repurchase these just cos I'd keep running out. I haven't noticed if they have extra large sizes but I don't recall seeing any.

REN's Keep Young and Beautiful series has a couple of hero products what I was super excited to try. Instant Firming Beauty Shot serum and Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift are tightening serums that firm slack skin temporarily. They also contain anti-aging ingredients of course but the main benefit is an instant "boost".

I prefer the eye lift cos it's super fresh and never gave me problems around my milia-prone eye area. I feel the tightening of the face serum but not much visible diff.

But the other issue is a lot of skincare and makeup doesn't sit well on top of it. They sometimes pill up and peel off when I try to apply.

This Beauty Shot is also designed to be applied OVER makeup as a pick me up, but I usually don't like to try that cos I find makeup ALWAYS moves when you apply moisture over it.

That said it's ok for an anti-aging serum so I'll just finish it up.

I've become a big fan of using a Softener (a hydrating non-alcoholic toner of sorts) as the first step of skincare after cleansing.

I've gone through my deluxe bottle of Shiseido Vital-Perfection Softener in less than 3 months. Surprisingly it lasted a lot longer than I expected cos this isn't a full size bottle.

I splash and pat it on (the way you would apply SK-II or Hada Labo) and then while my skin is moist I quickly massage in serum or a light emulsion to lock all the moisture in.

Skin really stays moist and comfortable without you having to apply a thicker product which might clog pores.

You can use any softener you want as long as you splash it on with palms (no friction and no wastage from cotton pads) and quickly lock it in with your serum/lotion before it evaporates.

Japanese and Korean brands like Shiseido and Sulwhasoo etc do tend to have more of these softener + emulsion/lotion duos which are great for hot Sg weather.

I was using the Shiseido emulsion interchangeably with the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Nourishing Milk. (That one deluxe bottle of softener lasted me through a bottle of emulsion + this.)

I do like this light nourishing milk. I will say though, it is not for oily skins. This has a fair bit of plant oils in it and it is very moisturizing. It does leave dry skin very silky and moisturized for hours.

My main complaint is the bottle runs out very quickly. I think I used this for about 2 months max.

And I did personally like the skincare properties of the Shiseido Vital Perfection range a bit more.

Vital Perfection treats first signs of aging including fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. If you are young and just want a gateway intro to the range try the softener and emulsion. If you prefer to just invest in one key item, then get Vital Perfection serum.

But I do keep going back to this Sloane S6.5 White Plasma serum. I still think this is the best whitening serum I've tried. Best in the sense that it fades acne marks and uneven patches quickly and suppresses melanin production.

Do note though, this treats the symptoms. If you stop using it some marks (caused by DNA damage from sun exposure, aging, genes) will slowly come back. Acne marks don't.

The key is not to use this on its own. You can use it in the day under skincare and sunblock.

Tranexamic acid is a melanin suppressor (melanin is actually an antioxidant that repairs skin) so make sure you protect your skin properly with skincare and sunblock when using this.

At night try to use other brightening or anti-aging skincare that has repair properties because for lasting skin brightening, you need to repair it as well. Tranexamic acid only treats the symptoms, not the underlying damage that is causing hyperpigmentation.

Speaking of acne, one of the products I routinely finish is Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion. I haven't tried the Kate Somerville one but I expect they work the same.

I just happened to pick up a couple of bottles of this while I was in the US because it's so much cheaper there.

I have several other Sulfur based acne treatments (Shiseido Pimplit, Nixoderm etc) but this one is still the quickest even though it's quite drying.

Another item a bit newer to me is Klarity Aesthetics' Diamond Glow Overnight Mask.

I always layer skincare at bedtime cos my skin gets very dry overnight. (Those lines on my forehead ugh.) But I can't use heavy creams there cos my skin gets clogged easily so I need overnight masks that are lightweight.

This is one of the ones I've been trying and it's just - ok. Not my fave thing from Klarity. It's a very small tube (15ml) so it runs out in no time.

But it is very gentle and doesn't leave a film, and I actually ended up using it around my eyes as well because it works like a light hydrating eye cream and never gives me milia.

Given the quantity you get the only way you will make it last is if you only use it on select areas instead of over the entire face. But this is a newer brand which has quite nice cutting-edge skincare products that you can explore.

Klarity products are available on

UD's All Nighter is also something I go through quickly but only cos I tend to get the small bottles.

I try to remember to use setting sprays but sometimes they make me feel like my makeup just becomes much harder to touch up when it fades or breaks down. It still doesn't prevent breakdown totally. So I'm undecided on setting sprays in general.

I often feel Deslick works better for me than All Nighter for some reason.

One proper cream I've really enjoyed recently is Fresh's Black Tea Firming Corset Cream.

This is a firming tightening cream for the face and neck area. I really quite enjoy the black tea range. It's very luxurious feeling and quite gentle on the skin. I feel it's a good antioxidant anti-aging range for younger women who want to ward off and correct first signs of aging.

It's not really a heavy-duty range for mature skins in my opinion.

The texture is thick and fluffy but fresh. A bit like Greek yogurt.

It sinks in nicely and feels surprisingly light without leaving a tacky or greasy film. I am not sure it has any instant effect of tightening and firming but the ingredients (peptides, goji extract, black tea) are great at conditioning and strengthening skin in general.

Something I haven't made so much of a dent in yet cos it's pretty new is the La Mer The Brilliance Whitening Mask duo.

I admit I was a bit iffy about it at first given the $440 pricetag but it did work surprisingly well. You apply the primer first which delivers antioxidants and intense hydration. This is meant to calm and prep the skin before the leave-on mask.

A lot of people are not aware that strong whitening/brightening products can be harsh and drying. This primer counters that.

So you get the effect of the brightening ingredients but not the astringency and harshness on the skin.

I'm not so sensitive that I have a problem with whitening ranges usually, but I appreciate the thought given to people with more delicate skin. My mom is one of those who usually can't use whitening products because her skin is too delicate so this is something I'll probably let her try.

Of course, if you aren't already a fan of La Mer the pricetag will be a bit hard to swallow for a mask.

Argh I love my Lip Sugar Scrub.

I try not to use this too much cos there is no reason to keep exfoliating your lips with grainy bits. But this hasn't given me any problems so far.

I've used a fair bit of it the past month or so and I'm groaning cos it's close to $50 for a lip scrub+balm.

I shouldn't have to use it daily either but sometimes I can't help reaching for it LOL.

My nightly lip hero though, is still LANEIGE's Lip Sleeping Mask. I just scoop a bit out and slather it all over my lips, even a bit beyond my lip line.

It hasn't clogged pores around my lip line or anything.

This smells sooooo good and that jar lasts frikkin' long. I don't know how long I've been working on this pot. 3-4 months at least. And I've used it pretty much nightly for the past month. There's still half a jar left.

Then again each pot is 20g. Typical sticks are 4-5g.

Body-wise, I'm into fragranced lotions right now. I used to love all the yummy BBW ones like Twisted Peppermint (which I will buy in multiples during sales) but lately I'm more into the actual perfume-y ones - as opposed to foody fruity ones.

I know a lot of people like the BBW intensive body creams in tubes but I find their scent goes rancid quickly and they don't feel that much more hydrating on my dry skin than the lighter lotions in bottles. Just heavier. So I go for these usually.

The bottle I'm currently working on is Shiseido's Ever Bloom. This is a musky floral scent that I actually prefer in the lotion than in the perfume form. I find it a strange balance between womanly and comforting.

It's somewhere along the veins of the very sexy Narciso Rodriguez for Her but slightly less musky. More sweetly floral and smoothly ladylike. The lotion is a softer and subtler alternative to the fragrance.

I love the lotion a lot before bedtime. Like throwing on a warm soft shawl.

If you are curious about the scent itself this is the rather minimalist elegant bottle. Square-ish with soft sweeping curves. Very Shiseido.

Like Narciso Rodriguez, this is a translucent non-sugary Bulgarian rose, lotus and jasmine scent on a bed of fuzzy musk. Womanly but not overly girly and sweet.

After it settles you smell a sweet jasmine musk mostly. Not a scent I reach for often, strangely enough. I do love jasmine usually.

But I like it a lot at bedtime in the form of the lotion.

This last thing I have not made a dent in obviously. But I've been using it the past couple of weeks. Guerlain's Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls is one of the latest limited editions and it is similar to the usual No 3 Moyen shade except it is more pink.

I love this to brighten and even out skin under and around the eye and cheekbone area. It brightens and helps cancel a bit of extra dark circles.

I have to say I prefer the usual tins to this pink sphere but it's still cute.

P.S. For those of you who have not seen my old posts on Meteorites, mine look so full cos I always stuff the powder puff in the bottom of the jars so the pearls are on top and easy to access with my face brushes.

I don't use the powder puffs ever so I don't like having them in the way all the time.

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Sunday, 26 Feb 2017

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kimberlyteo (avatar)

kimberlyteo Watson's and Guardian do carry the Garnier micellar water in 400ml bottles!

1 year ago

venetian (avatar)

venetian Where to get the Ren skincare?

1 year ago

strxalight (avatar)

strxalight Hi Candice! Do you have any eyecream to recommend for age 25? When i apply concealer n foundation, it nv fails to settle into the fine lines! 😩look cakey! im looking at affordable eyecream that does its job! Pls help! Thanks! I miss your updates! (:

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @kimberlyteo ohh I havent tried that out thanks for the heads-up!

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @venetian you can get it at or Escentials (Tangs/Paragon)

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @strxalight actually the lines underneath are usually expression lines so it's not possible to remove them completely unless you stop moving your eyes! The only thing is to look for a concealer that doesn't crease too much, and to "bake" when you set your undereye with powder. After concealer try not to let your eyes look downwards (bend your head or body forward if you need to look at the table). Use a slightly damp sponge, pick up a lot of loose translucent powder and press it on over the concealer. Then after awhile you use a brush to dust off the extra powder.

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @strxalight the longwear concealers like MAC Pro Longwear, Kat von D, and Estee Lauder DoubleWear are less likely to crease but you need to remember not to let your eyeballs roll downwards (and crease your lower lids) before you set it.

1 year ago

misssunflower (avatar)

misssunflower May I know how you deal with milia?

1 year ago

strxalight (avatar)

strxalight Thanks for enlightening me @makeupbox ! I thought is fine lines n that area is dry. I have not try baking before. With regards to the damp sponge, it means every single time we have to wash it with detergent and then put alot of loose powder n brush off after 10sec or so? I purchase australis banana powder can i use that? Or is that for a diff purpose? Ok i will try to not look down. Currently im using UD naked concealer. I will definitely check out those u have mention! Thank you! ❤

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @strxalight if you are only using it for powder you don't need to wash it more than maybe once a week. The water dries up in a few hours. You want to squeeze it until no water comes out before you dunk it in powder. I think the banana powder might be ok but test it out over the weekend first. Some powders darken and become an obvious color when damp, and those kinds will not be suitable. I havent tried Australis' loose powder so I can't be sure! UD Naked concealer should work great for baking!

1 year ago

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