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A Few Reminders - and Beauty Rambling

Changi Airport The Shilla Giveaway - $200 Beauty Hamper - ENTER NOW!

I can't believe there are only 19 entries when the only thing you need to do is name which of the 10 items in my blog post is your fave gift for mom. I already tried to keep the mechanics as simple as possible LOL.

If you have not done it, stop by Instagram @makeup_box ya? Contest closes Friday night and I'll contact a winner on Sat.

<UPDATE> Wow now we know it's cos Instagram was blocking everyone. See the update below on how to enter!

Also, last reminder to get in your BPAL order by tonight.

Can you also enter in the black section the areas that you are ok collecting your fragrance from? (west, central, etc). I will try and assign you to a coordinator who is near your area.

If you don't state where you live I will need to randomly assign you, which means it could be less convenient for you to pick up you purchase.

By Friday I will finalize the form and over the weekend you can start making payment to coordinators.

I recommend coordinators start whatsapp groups this weekend as I saw on the list several people ordered similar scents -in the off-chance there isn't enough stock for everyone (rare but it happens) we will need to quickly discuss who is ok with switching to a different scent or dropping that item from the order and getting the money transferred back to you.

Buyers PLEASE do a final check and put all the items you wanted in the BPAL shopping cart. Don't just order based on my post.

1. If you don't type the correct item name you can't blame coordinators for ordering the wrong thing.

2. You might have listed the wrong unit price (eg. $17.50 instead of $20+ for special editions) which makes it messy during transfer and payment.

3. You might have included a name in your imp order which doesn't exist. (Special editions do not come in imps.)

A bit of quick check doesn't take too much effort and ensures minimal errors and no disappointment.

Now we got that out of the way, we can move on to a little chit-chat.

My scent today is Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo. (How can you not love a name like that?) this scent has no notes listed and a lot of people on the forum describe it as bubblegum-like. Maybe when it dries down a bit.

For me, fresh out of the bottle it is sweet orange oil. Lots of orange. Then cinnamon or anise. But it's quite well-blended so everything melds together, which is prob why some people think bubblegum.

If you've smelt it before, sweet orange oil doesn't have the fresh citrus sharpness we usually associate with orange peel.

It's got a mellow sweetness, more like a bottled juice drink. Which together with sweet spices, becomes a candy-like scent.

Then again I could be 100% off on this one. I saw people say it smells like "berries" and all sorts of things. To me, it is sweet orange and sweet spices.

We'll never know unless BPAL reveals the notes!

And hey - even though it's not my fave as far as PERFUMES go, this is part of the Conjure Bag line; a series of old voodoo blends that are supposedly based on formulas known to have an effect on mood and luck. Who doesn't need some Joy?

People have described it as a "smile in a bottle".

Haha I am not superstitious by any means. I'm a big believer in placebo effects. If you feel something might make you happy, then it probably will.

And joyful people bring joy. So bring on the Mojo please.

The other thing that made me smile the other night was an Imp of Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat.

Gorgeous gorgeous green tea, mint, lime, and melon scent. It's SO fresh it makes me want to be on the beach sipping a cold drink.

No Mojo in this one. It's just a happy Summery fragrance.

And oh - I was powdering my face this morning and *jaa-jaaaaang* I've finally hit pan on my Hourglass.


I wanted to do a happy dance. I've not actually been buying much the past couple of months. Partly cos I haven't had time or energy to bother shopping. And also cos I've been trying since Jan to use up some stuff.

Including a Tarte blush sample (took me 4-5 mths of almost-daily use just to see the pan), and a ClearLast Medicated powder.

Also - with all the new cushions coming out I didn't think I was going to be impressed by the reformulated Laneige Pore Control Cushion.

The original had a satin finish even though it was targeted at oilier skins. It was #LANEIGE's nod to oilier girls but I just never felt it was REALLY optimized for hot weather.

This new formula was quite impressive so far though. It went on more of a luminous matte. Similar to NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint for me. Not powdery but with no shine either.

They've updated the cushion as well. No more standard ink pad.

I have not read the product copy yet cos I just want to try everything out and say what I experienced without being affected by the marketing info.

I actually like this patterned surface - it controls how much foundation is dispensed and the product mostly stays around the surface of your puff instead of immediately saturating deep inside, where it is wasted. I don't know if that is what it's meant for.

The puff is still a bit stiff compared to some of the new Western brand cushion puffs - its still not flexible enough to go into the tight corners beside nostrils and nose bridge easily. But that's really the only negative so far.

I also expect girls who really like to pack on a lot of product might not like the controlled dispensing from the cushion as much. This doesn't allow you to sponge on a ton of product as fast as the previous cushion.

I'll monitor and do a full review soon!

But so far, I REALLY like the finish and feel. It's a lot fresher feeling and doesn't have that "moist" shiny feel of the previous formula.

The other great thing is there are 10 shades now, right down to a Coffee tone. (I need to double check the name when I get home.) So more girls will have options.

I'll be trying the new Whitening cushion next!

Ok ladies - drop the @ tags in your contest response on IG.

Seems IG is blocking responses where more than a certain number of people are tagging other accounts in the comments. This is likely to stop those spam-tagging "tag 3 friends in order to win" contests which annoy the crap out of everyone.

And because you are all tagging Shilla and Changi, they detect your comments as spam too. Leave out the tags and just reply. Should be fine after that!

Latest BPAL stock news:

wuhhh nooooouuu both Womb Furie and Dragon's Milk are now out of stock. I have learnt now that:

1. We crash sites and overload servers 😂
2. Sometimes things sell out a bit faster after posting about them

Dragon's Milk will probably come back in a few weeks when they make more, but Womb Furie is not going to be back until next year Feb earliest.

Let's try and get those orders done before more things go out of stock!

(Dragon's Milk does come in Imp form though so if you want to have a sniff maybe try the $4 vial instead.)

P.S. Have you guys checked out the Summer 2016 Milky Dots collection from Dior?

Ahhh so fun.

I personally would focus on the face powders. The nail kit looks fun but you can't get the effect in the ad using the tool they give you. You need a bigger dotting tip to achieve that bit polka dot look. I would use a pin-head if you want to try recreating it.

I've been incredibly late on the Dior updating cos I just couldn't find the time to come down and swatch everything.

For me the 2 highlights from the collection (no pun intended) are the 2 Nude Glow highlighters.

These look matte but are not.

One is a soft luminous gold peach, and the other is an ethereal mauve pink.

Ahhh so pretty...

I also feel compelled to mention the Summer Glow loose powder, which looks scarily bronze in the jar but actually is very translucent.

You get a beautiful gold gleam, and I recommend dusting lightly all over shoulders, chest, legs etc to emphasize contours.

It is NOT a bronzer although you can use it across the cheeks as a blush topper.

The texture is so super fine and airy that it feels like nothing to the touch.

Which is a common thing with most Dior loose powders. And here's one thing I am really excited about.

The Dior Forever & Ever Control Powder launches 20th May but there is some stock at the Backstage boutiques right now.

Hey with a name that says Extreme Perfection and Matte Finish I gotta try it in this heat ya know?

This invisible powder (S$80) promises hardcore shine control and comes with a mini kabuki brush and a spill-proof lid.

It's travel friendly cos you can tip it over and the powder does not come out through the sifter.

(They did it in front of me before I was convinced LOL.)

There is also going to be a Diorblush Shape series, which includes 4 face sculpting blush and contour duos.

For me the lighter (003) contour shade leans a little on the rosy side and looks more like bronzer. 004 might be a bit deep for fairer girls. So I think 001 and 002 the pink and coral sculpting blushes are more worth a look if you are on the fairer side.

Lastly - Ugh.

UGH!!! Why did they have to launch a beautiful new Rose de Maï scent???

I go Ugh cos I am not exactly looking to spend more on scents what with all the BPAL-ing I am doing. And the Privé line does not come cheap.

The 125ml standard size costs $390. And that's a size I know I will not finish. (Plus I am running out of space for perfume storage. #firstworldproblems #smackmyself)

If this is more to your taste than indie niche lines, go check it out. It's a beauty.

Random comment - hands up if you're also looking at the BPAL order sheet and spying on what everyone else is ordering, then going to the BPAL site to check out new scents you hadn't considered....

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jasminegreenmilktea Hehe, headed over and commented! Fingers crossed now 😆😚

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kxldxxh Excited for the new Laneige cushion! Tried to comment but instagram didn't let me!!

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makeupbox @keldaris what??? That's weird!! Can you try again and let me know? If there's a technical issue I'll talk to Changi and discuss opening up the commenting for the contest here on Dayre as well.

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makeupbox @sassandspunk 😁

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audreyliting Hi Candice, may i ask whats the name of this hourglass that we saw bottom? Pressed powder? Its rare we saw makeup guru hit pan, it must be great, thank you😘😘

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